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What Is E Filing Of Income Tax Return

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How to E-file Income Tax Returns
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  • Know what dependents credits and deductions

  • Know what tax documents you’ll need upfront

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General Information About Individual Income Tax Electronic Filing

Filing electronically is a fast growing alternative to mailing paper returns. The Missouri Department of Revenue received more than 2.7 million electronically filed returns in 2019. Convenience, accuracy, and the ability to direct deposit your refund are just a few of the reasons why electronic filing is becoming one of the Department’s most popular filing methods.

What Exactly Does Filing Of Income Tax Return Mean

The months of July, August and September in India are the busiest months for chartered accountants, such as myself, with the filing of Income Tax Returns.

I have a lot of clients who, when asked, to complete their filing of income tax return, tell me that they have completed all their timely advance tax payments for the previous year in March. They say they have made advance tax payment for this quarter too also as they have completed one quarter of the next year. They are confused by this request.


No. It is a statement of your earnings from various sources of income, tax liability thereon, details of tax paid and any refunds that have to be given by the government. And hence the deadline kept to furnish these details is after four months from end of the financial year so that taxpayers have sufficient time to aggregate the data for the whole year and report accurately and in time to the government.


Non-filing of Income Tax Return attracts interest, penalty, prosecution and scrutiny from the Income Tax Department. There are some myths associated with filing a common fear is that the taxman comes knocking at the door if the tax returns is filed.

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How To Register As A Freelancer Or Self

Are you already registered by the BIR as a self-employed individual? You wont be able to pay taxes and file an income tax return without your Certificate of Registration , which youll get once you complete the BIR registration process.

Heres what you need to accomplish, so youll be able to file an income tax return:

Things To Keep In Mind While E

Income Tax Return efiling online

A couple of facts need to be considered when filing your income tax returns online. Heres a comprehensive list of all of them:

  • In case your name which is mentioned in your bank documents or official statements is different from the one given in the PAN card even a bit, the portal will consider you a completely separate individual. In some cases, some taxpayers give their father’s name as their ‘middle’ name in their PAN card, but do not use the same for their bank accounts.

  • If the same mobile number or email address is entered by more than four taxpayers online, you cannot file returns on the website, unless the required change is done. For instance, in some cases, more than five returns may be filed which may include you, your wife, your mother, your father in law and the Hindu undivided family of which you are the Karta or the executor of a will.

  • If you are a non-resident Indian and wish to file income tax returns, you will require both, an India number and a foreign number.

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Income $72000 And Below:

  • Free federal tax filing on an IRS partner site
  • State tax filing
  • Guided preparation simply answer questions
  • Online service does all the math
  • Free electronic forms you fill out and file yourself
  • No state tax filing
  • You should know how to prepare paper forms
  • Basic calculations with limited guidance

Reporting House Property Income Required

  • Address of the house property

  • Details of the co-owners along with their share in the mentioned property and PAN details

  • Certificate for home loan interest

  • The date when construction was completed, in case an under-construction property was purchased

  • Name and the rental income of the tenant, if the property is rented

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Americans And The Irs May Not Agree On Everything But Theyre Largely On The Same Page When It Comes To E

The majority of individual income tax returns submitted to the IRS are e-filed. E-filing is popular because its a win-win for taxpayers and the IRS.

When you e-file your federal income tax return, you save the IRS money because its employees dont have to spend time manually processing your return. And in return, you could get any refund youre owed faster, especially if you have it directly deposited into your bank account.

But what about security? And can electronic filing really give you access to all the forms you might need if you have a complex tax situation? Are there ever situations when you cant e-file? Lets look at the advantages of e-filing, and whether it might be the best filing option for your needs.

About The Database And Locator Service

How To File Income Tax Return on the E-filing Government Portal

The “Authorized IRS e-file Provider” database is a nationwide listing of all businesses which have been accepted to participate in the electronic filing program. “For Profit” Providers that have “opted in” are included in the locator service which allows you to:

  • Identify and locate different types of Authorized IRS e-file Providers through interactive searches – e.g., Electronic Return Originators , Transmitters, Software Developers, and Intermediate Service Providers.

To opt in or out of the locator service, see “Updating the Authorized IRS e-file Application” below.

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How Will I Know That The Irs Has Received My Tax Return

Ever worry that your return might get lost in the mail? E-filing lets you rest easy. When you send a return by mail, you have no way of knowing if the IRS received your return unless you pay extra for certified mail with a return receipt. It could take weeks for you to get that receipt.

But if you file electronically, the IRS notifies you by email within 48 hours that it has received your return. And if the IRS detects any errors, it will send an error code that TurboTax will translate into a text message telling you what the problem is, how to fix it, and how to retransmit your return.

How Much Does It Cost To E

If you’re looking for an excuse not to e-file, it isn’t cost, because the IRS and states do not charge for e-filing. The only costs associated with e-filing are those charged by a tax preparer or tax software. Depending on the software brand and version, electronic filing charges have ranged from free to around $25. Tax preparers may charge more.

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Taxes Prepared In Person

Volunteer Tax Assistance

Free tax help is provided to taxpayers that meet certain income and/or other requirements. For more information, please go to our Volunteer Assistance page.

If you would like to get your taxes prepared in person, you also can use an authorized e-file Provider. Note: The authorized e-file providers charge a fee to prepare and electronically file your Alabama and/or federal returns.

Below are some additional resources to help you to choose a tax return preparer.

IRS links

You Can Submit Paper Forms When You E

Income Tax Deductions

While filing taxes electronically is convenient, many taxpayers have paper forms that need to accompany their tax return.

Depending on what forms you need to submit and what e-filing method you use you may have a few different ways to submit required paperwork to the IRS.

  • If available, forms must be submitted electronically: There are electronic versions of most common forms youd need to submit.
  • The IRS accepts forms and documents in PDF Format: The IRS indicates theres variation among tax prep software programs regarding support for submitting PDFs.
  • You can send your forms and documentation by mail: After e-filing your return, you can mail in additional forms and supporting documents. The paperwork should be accompanied by Form 8453, U.S. Individual income Tax Transmittal for an IRS e-file Return.

Your state may also require you to submit some paper documents along with your tax return. Local tax administration agencies provide information on when and where to send forms. The Federation of Tax Administrators has a helpful list of each states tax agency so you can find information for where you live.

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If I’m Getting A Tax Refund When Can I Expect To Receive It

E-filing will deliver your tax refund much faster than traditional mail. Taxpayers using TurboTax and electing to have their refunds deposited directly into their bank accounts will get their fastest refunds possible.

Refunds from tax returns filed on paper can take up to six weeks, depending on the time of year you file your tax return.

Remember, with TurboTax, we’ll ask you simple questions about your life and help you fill out all the right tax forms. Whether you have a simple or complex tax situation, we’ve got you covered. Feel confident doing your own taxes.

Request Your Itr Through The Foi Website

You may also get a copy of your ITR in the Philippines through the Freedom of Information website. The Freedom of Information or FOI Program is the governments response to the citizens call for transparency. Through this program, you can request any information about government transactions and operations as long as the information will not endanger national security.

Heres how you can make a request for your income tax return:

  • Go to
  • Create an account if you dont have one yet. Otherwise, just log in.
  • Once logged in, youll be directed to the dashboard, which contains all the requests of the account owner.
  • After selecting the Bureau of Internal Revenue, click Write My Request.
  • Youll then be directed to a page where youll need to fill out the form. Supply the details for the following fields:
    • Tile of the Document
    • Coverage or Time Period
    • Intended Purpose of Use
    • Your Message
  • The request that youve just sent will be forwarded to the Receiving Officer of the concerned agency.
  • If your request is approved, youll find a response on your dashboard.
  • Pointers to Remember When Using the FOI Website

    The FOI program informs users that everything you input into its platformwhich includes your name and messagewill be publicly displayed on the website.

    Here are two useful tips from the agency:

  • Write the request in simple and precise language.
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    Will My Tax Return Data Be Kept Confidential

    Yes. You’ve got no worries about data falling into the wrong hands or being misused because the IRS, the states and tax preparers are under the same rules of confidentiality for e-filed returns as they are for paper returns. They may not reveal or discuss any information contained in your return unless you authorize them to do so. Tax software developers also must operate under these rules, and they must protect customer confidentiality during the e-filing process. To ensure the integrity of your electronically filed tax return, always use only proven, high-quality e-filing software.

    When To File Income Tax Return

    E-filing of Income Tax-Tax return E filing

    The deadline for filing income tax returns in the Philippines for freelancers and self-employed individuals is April 15 every year. Failure to meet the deadline will result in penalties such as a 25% surcharge of the tax due and a 20% interest per year from the deadline of payment until full payment of the amount.

    Its much better if you file yours earlier to avoid missing the deadline and to have time to correct any tax miscalculation.

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    What Is The Last Date For E Filing

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    Berbagi :

    Tips For Paper Filing

    You can do a few things to streamline your return submission when you file by paper:

    • Make sure your name and Social Security number are on every page, both front and back.
    • Double-check your address. This is where the IRS will send any notices, so it’s important that you don’t make a mistake.
    • Mail your return to the right IRS service center. The address can change, depending on which state youre in and whether youre including payment with your return. The IRS provides a state-by-state list online so you can find the correct address.
    • Get an automatic extension if you’re mailing your return close to the official filing deadline of May 17, 2021. Keep in mind that you should make a payment with your extension if you think you’ll owe anything. Otherwise, you could be subject to penalties and interest.

    In 2021, most taxpayers receive an automatic extension on filing and paying their taxes. All individual tax returns are due on May 17, 2021 rather than April 15. And both individuals and businesses in Texas, or other areas impacted by winter storm emergencies, have until June 15, 2021, to file taxes that usually are due on either March 15 and April 15.

    The IRS will generally accept paper filings postmarked by the filing deadlineit doesn’t have to receive it by this date.

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    Income Tax E Filing 2020/:

    Income tax is a form of direct tax that is imposed on earning individuals by the government. Every working individual earns a salary from the work they do. A part of this salary is required to be paid as income tax to the government for various public expenditures. Hence, it is significant for every individual to file for their income tax returns before the due date. Let us now talk about the various way one can file for income tax returns.

    As of today, taxpayers across the country are offered three ways using which they can file for taxes. They are- online methods, offline methods, via software. We will now elaborate on the online methods by which we can file for taxes.

    How To Search For A Provider


    This interactive search allows you to enter the either your full 5 digit zip code, or select your state.

    Search results will be sorted in alphabetical order by the business name. Use the arrow at the bottom right of the page to advance to the next page.

    Note: The inclusion in this database does not constitute any endorsement by the IRS of the e-file Providers listed in this database or any of the products or services that they provide. You should always be sure to conduct your own due diligence when selecting an e-file Provider.

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    Federal & State Electronic Filing

    It’s fast – Last year, refunds from electronically filed returns were issued in less than 2 weeks while many paper returns took up to 12 weeks to process. This year, our goal is 4 to 6 days for issuing electronic-return refunds.

    It’s accurate – Because of all the computer checks built into the electronic filing program, these returns have a 98 percent accuracy rate. In contrast, 17 percent of paper returns have some sort of error which delays their processing.

    It’s convenient – Since this is a combined federal & state program, customers will file both their federal and Indiana returns at the same time.

    You can participate in this program two ways:

  • Take your completed return to an Electronic Return Originator who can transmit your return information for you or
  • Have a tax professional prepare your returns, then transmit them for you.
  • Seek The Services Of A Professional

    If youre a super freelancer whos handling multiple projects and earning a sizeable income, managing your taxes can be a headache. But that wont be the case when you work with an accountant. Not only will they help you keep track of your finances, but theyll also explain to you the confusing parts of taxation.

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    Skip Tax Prep Programs

    You dont have to use an expensive tax preparation program to e-file your taxesif youre tax savvy, have a simple situation, and are willing to learn, you can fill tax forms in directly using IRS free fillable forms.

    You should be comfortable completing basic tax forms to use the service, as no guidance is provided. And if your adjusted gross income is less than $72,000, you may be better off using one of the IRSs many free-file affiliates.

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