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How To Appeal Property Taxes Cook County

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Assessment Calendar: City Of Chicago

How To Appeal Your Cook County Property Taxes to the Board of Review
Township Last Day to File CCAO Appeal; Date A-Roll Certified Board of Review appeal; dates Pass

* Tentative. The date is subject to change.

** Due to a delay with our mail house vendor, Rogers Park assessments will not mail on 6/11 as initially planned. Values will not be available online or in the data subscription service and appeals cannot be filed.;We anticipate mailing notices within 1-2 business days, which will be when updated values post online and in the data subscription service. Filing of Rogers Park appeals will be available at that time. We will post an update as soon as it is available.

Assessment Calendar And Deadlines

The 2021 assessment and appeal schedule coincides;with the implementation of iasWorld, a new integrated property tax system.;

This;upgrade;moves us off;an aging mainframe system onto a state-of-the-art platform that allows property owners to more easily access and update property data.

Therefore, assessment mailing dates and appeal dates are subject to change. Please plan accordingly. Information will be published as it becomes available. Our phone lines remain open to the public during normal business hours and assistance is available via our website and social media channels.

Real Property Income & Expense

The Real Property Income & Expense form is a tool developed for owners of income-producing properties to report income, expense, and vacancy information about their buildings.

Submitted data helps us accurately capture the real estate market conditions for all properties in a region. Note that an RPIE statement is required for an appeal when the subject of an appeal is an income-producing property.

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File An Appeal And Ask For A New Assessment

So, what if youve evaluated your property record and comparable properties in your neighborhood and you still believe that your assessment is wrong? You can appeal and ask for a new one. File an appeal with your county assessors office, Parrish said.; Refer to your local county assessor for details on how and when you are required to file your appeal.

In Cook County, Illinois, for example, you can file an appeal online by following these steps:

  • Provide an email address to create an account.
  • Make note of the appeal docket number youre given, which you can use to track the appeal.;
  • Include any relevant attachments with your appeal, such as an appraisal or photos of the property. Cook County also gives you a free tool to locate and attach comparable properties in your appeal.;
  • File your appeal within 30 days after receiving your reassessment notice. If you miss the deadline, youll have to wait until the following year to file an appeal.
  • You can also hire a property tax attorney to handle the appeal. If you choose this route, keep in mind that youll need to pay them a fee, and theres no guarantee that the outcome will be in your favor.

When you receive your assessment, act quickly, before the window of opportunity to appeal that year expires.

Some municipalities charge a fee to file a property tax appeal, but it varies by location; your local county assessors office will likely have applicable fees listed on its website.

How Can I Lower My Property Taxes In Cook County

Appeal Property Tax Assessment Cook County

Cook County homeowners may take advantage of several valuable property tax -saving exemptions. There are currently four exemptions that must be applied for or renewed annually: The Homeowner Exemption, Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption, Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze Exemption, and the Home Improvement Exemption.

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Under Berrios Most Properties Had Identical Reassessments

The Cook County assessors office values properties, which can be made up of multiple parcels, every three years. But under the current assessor, Joseph Berrios, nearly 70 percent of commercial and industrial parcels had identical initial valuations over two reassessments. Under Berrios predecessor, James Houlihan, only 1 percent of initial valuations were identical over two reassessments.

The new findings on commercial and industrial valuations expose many of the same flaws, with the assessors office generally undervaluing expensive downtown buildings while overvaluing small businesses in poorer neighborhoods.

In 2014, for instance, a building on Oak Street in the Gold Coast neighborhood sold for $14.9 million. The next year, the assessors office valued the building at $3.6 million less than a quarter of the sales price. A year after that, in 2016, the building sold for even more: $23 million.

Eight miles west, a small industrial shop in the working-class Belmont Central neighborhood sold for $110,000 in 2015. The assessors estimate that year was $207,140, nearly double the sale price.

The effects of flawed commercial and industrial valuations arent limited to people who own businesses. Owners of residential properties, as a group, also ended up paying more in property taxes than they would have if the assessors office had done its work properly.

How To Do It Yourself

If preferred, anyone can try to do it themselves. They just need to ask if its worth the time and effort to do so. If they choose to, owners can find lower assessed comparable properties on the assessors site, and file an appeal themselves to the Assessor and/or Board of;Review.

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How Do I Appeal My Illinois Property Taxes Without An Attorney

You do not need a lawyer, tax representative, or appraiser to file an appeal on the assessed valuation of your home. If your appeal is filed by an authorized representative, an Attorney /Representative Authorization Form must be completed and filed along with the appeal.

When Should I File An Appeal

Tutorial On How To Appeal Your Property Taxes in Cook County, Illinois

The last date to file an appeal is printed on your notice. Typically, you have 30 days to file an appeal after receiving your reassessment notice. If you missed your appeal period in a previous year, you may appeal the following year when your township is open for appeals.

Once you have appealed your reassessment; you do not need to do it each year, unless the characteristics of your property have changed significantly due to new construction, demolition, vacancy, or other issues. If an appeal is granted and nothing about the property changes then that value will remain your assessed value until the next reassessment.

To see the appeals schedule, go to

Filling Out The Paper Form

Paper forms can be found on the CCAO website.;If you can’t get downtown to submit the appeal, we highly suggest you do this online under Appeals >Appeal Online. Below are basic tips on how to fill out the paper form.

Disclaimer: This is not advice and we take no responsibility of how you fill out your own form. Always consult the CCAO to make sure your appeal reflects your residential information.

Residential Form for Cook County Tax Assessment Appeal

Non Condo “Residential Properties” – Look for the R in the upper right corner to make sure you have the correct form

Condominium Form for Cook County Tax Assessment Appeal

Condo Properties -;Look for the C in the upper right corner to make sure you have the correct form

We cannot give advice on how you fill out your form because every situation is different, so always consult the CCAO.; What I can do is tell you how I filled out my form with guidance during a CCAO workshop.

Sample Situation: I currently live in and am the owner of my single family residence in Jefferson township. I bought the property in July of 2015 and my property data from my assessment is correct, with no errors. I feel that my house is both overvalued for what others in the neighborhood recently sold for,;and also not in line with other assessed values in my area.

Where To Get The Forms / Filing Appeals Online

While you can obtain the Cook County Assessor’s pdf forms on their website, along with instructions, you can also appeal using the online method that should auto-populate all your property information. All you need is your PIN to start the process. Your PIN should be located on any of your property tax forms or can be searched online by your address. We don’t recommend this unless you are ready to file with all intended data ready to input in the online form.The pdf form is a good way to get an overview of what questions they are asking you to fill out. You can access the 2018 appeal printable pdf forms by clicking on the button below, or this identical link to the CCA’s site. The screenshot is a complete listing of available forms for Residential appeals .

Time spent: 2 min download, 10 min reading time on forms + instruction **

Accessed August 20, 2021

  • Other resources: Your neighbors, Facebook,, etc. Note: Anything unofficial is always a risk and there are no guarantees, so seeking advice elsewhere should be confirmed with the CCAO. Time: Endless. If online, reduce time spent by searching for past conversations before you post.**Form completion time spent guesstimate: **– Online: 5 minutes or less – Paper Form: ~5-10 minutes – Finding comparable properties: ~30 min if you are searching in the correct place online.Note: This does not include any research time reading this article, workshops, phone calls, etc, to figure out how to fill out the form.

Should I Appeal My Assessment

If the property characteristics listed on your assessment notice are incorrect, or if the estimated market value of your home is significantly more than what you believe your home could sell for in the current real estate market, you should file an appeal. The last date to file an appeal is printed on your notice. A good rule of thumb is this: If the property characteristics on this notice are correct and the estimated market value is within 10 percent of what you think your home is worth then it is unlikely that an appeal would change your propertys assessed value enough to significantly affect its property tax bill.

What To Do About Property Taxes Right Now

How To Appeal Your Cook County Property Taxes

Start where you stand. Every single property in Cook can file an appeal. Register whatever property you would like to appeal taxes on at to initiate the appeal. By filing immediately, you wont miss any coming deadlines for 2019 and will be notified in the future of all upcoming filing deadlines in future years.

Realtors Guide To Helping Your Clients With Property Tax Appeals

Ensure your clients know how to appeal their property tax assessments to avoid overpaying.;Here is a streamlined overview of how to work with your clients on what can be a complicated issue.

Properties in Cook County are reassessed every three years, and property taxes are based on these assessments. By appealing your assessment, you may be able to significantly reduce your property tax bill. Once assessment notices are mailed, by township, a property owner has 30 days to file an appeal.

If unsuccessful at Assessors office, owners can appeal once more to the Board of Review, which follows another schedule. See the FAQs for more information!

Notify your clients when their township opens!

Cook County Assessors Office

The first opportunity to file an appeal is through the Cook County Assessors Office, which establishes a yearly calendar to assign specific dates during which each township is open to file appeals. At the beginning of each tax year, the Assessors Office displays a tentative filing date for each township. As the year progresses, the calendar is updated to reflect the actual appeal filing period. A taxpayer may file an appeal only when the township filing period has been established. This filing period lasts approximately 30 days.

The appeals calendar is available on the County Assessors website, or taxpayers may call the County Assessor at 312-443-7550. Taxpayers may also call the Bloom Township Assessors Office at 708-754-9400 for more information.

What Do I Do If My Challenge Is Denied

If the county board denies your challenge, then you can proceed to the stateâs Property Tax Appeal Board. The Board is made of five members that evaluate what was presented to the county. Based on the preponderance of the evidence before them, the Boardâs members will decide whether the property was unequally assessed.

How Do I Prove That My Property Is Worth Less Than My Assessment Says It Is

How To Appeal Cook County & Lake County Property Taxes With No Risk!

Try to find records of appraisals, and records of similar sales, to show to the board of review.;Since the assessors records are open to the public, you can;compare your assessment to other similar properties.

You can find more information on how to win your case on the Illinois Department of Revenue website.

How Are Property Taxes Calculated

Property taxes are determined according to the value of your property. Theyre commonly known as a type of ad valorem tax, since ad valorem is Latin for according to the value.

Property taxes are calculated by applying a taxing districts tax rate to the assessed property value, Tom Parrish, retail lending director at BMO Harris Bank in Elmhurst, Illinois, told The Balance by email. For example, in DuPage County, IL, outside of Chicago, assessed values are required by law to be based upon the three prior years of actual sales transactions within the jurisdiction, which would mean the 2020 assessed value would have been based on sales occurring during the 2017, 2018 and 2019 calendar years.;

Property taxes vary greatly by state and even county. Some property tax regions have low rates, while theyre much higher in other areas. For example, property taxes are highest in New Jersey and lowest in Hawaii , according to ATTOM Data Solutions. The average American homeowner pays a tax rate of 1.1%.

Theres no wiggle room in your municipalitys tax rate, but if you believe your home has been assessed for more than its value, you can negotiate to try to get that number; reduced.

Two Opportunities To Appeal In Cook County

Cook County Assessors Office The primary function of the Assessor, an elected official, is to assess each of the Countys 1.8 million properties at a fair and equitable market value. The Assessor also grants tax exemptions and special incentives. Property Tax Solutions has generally found the Board of Review to be more generous in granting relief than the Assessor.

Cook County Board of Review Led by three elected Commissioners representing three districts, the Cook County Board of Review is vested with quasi-judicial powers to adjudicate taxpayer complaints and recommend exempt status for real property. The Board is formally dedicated to providing taxpayers with fair and impartial judgment. Only an owner or the owners licensed attorney may submit appeals to this body.

To maximize chances for a more favorable outcome, Property Tax Solutions aims to submit appeals twice, once to the Assessor and again to the Board, when adequate justification exists. Appeals to the Board have been shown to grant more favorable and impartial decisions.

Before You Appeal Your Property Taxes

Your city or town sends you an assessment notice every year. You might receive that document on its own, or it may be part of your property tax bill. If you think theres been an error in how your property taxes are calculated, you can appeal it, but youll need proof that the number from the assessor is incorrect. The best evidence to support an adjustment in your assessed value is a recent appraisal, a recent sale of the property, or recent sales of similar properties in your neighborhood, Parrish said. Look at comparable properties in your area to learn about property taxes for properties that are similar to your homeincluding the same design, size, or other features.

Your Options After The Assessment

Aug 9

So, what happens if you still dont agree with the new assessment you receive after the appeal?; According to Parrish, you have two options. “The first would be to hire an attorney who specializes in property tax appeals to try and escalate it further, he said.The second option might be to make sure your rationale for the original appeal is sufficient and has proper support to justify the change , and then challenge the existing comparable properties that the county is leveraging to determine your property value, he said.

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And because commercial and industrial properties as a group were not assessed properly, residential homeowners across the county were forced to carry an additional and unnecessary burden, paying more in property taxes than they would have otherwise.

State law says the assessor must revalue property every three years. Yet Berrios, using methods hidden from the public, repeatedly produced initial valuations of commercial and industrial properties known as first-pass values that did not change.

For example, as the financial crisis cratered the real estate market in 2009, Berrios predecessor estimated the value of a stout brick building in a bustling commercial area on Chicagos Northwest Side at $13,455,132.

Three years later, in 2012, Berrios had taken office and the commercial real estate market had come roaring back. Yet the assessors estimate did not change: $13,455,132.

In 2015, as the market continued to climb, Berrios office once again arrived at the same number: $13,455,132.

Three straight reassessments. Three identical values.

Given the complexity of the commercial real estate market and its dynamic nature, experts say it is inconceivable for such values to remain the same over time.

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