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How Good Is Optima Tax Relief

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What Does Optima Offer

Orange County Torch Awards Category IV Winner | Optima Tax Relief

Optima Tax Relief offers a number of specific services relating to different issues that can arise from back taxes and owing money to the IRS. Since each case is unique and features various circumstances, it is important that you have an agent assisting you who is both flexible and knowledgeable in all areas. With Optima, all of their agents are fully qualified and licensed, and have experience dealing with many customers so they know the ins and outs of taxes. This means you are getting high-quality service no matter what you are facing.

Because they have such a large staff, they are able to do a lot more in house than some of their competitors can. Areas that Optima specializes in include, but are not limited to:

  • IRS Defense Audits
  • Collection Appeals
  • Administrative Appeals

These services and techniques are somewhat unique to Optima, as they are one of the few companies that have enough in house specialists in order to take on more complex tax cases. This makes Optima a great choice if you happen to have a more complex case, or if you simply like the idea of everything being kept in house where you can stay on top of your case easily.

Tyler G Recession Hits Realtor

Tyler G is a self-employed realtor. During the recent recession caused by the housing crisis, Tyler fell behind on his taxes by several years. He received a letter from a Revenue Officer at the IRS indicating he would be required to make payments towards his $166,000 liability. In good faith, Tyler contacted the Revenue Officer and completed financial forms to determine what amount he could afford. He was notified that he would be expected to pay $5,000 per month and that he faced a possible bank levy if he failed to comply. Tyler could not afford this amount and he contacted Optima.

The team at Optima visited with the Revenue Officer after conducting a detailed analysis of Tylers case. Optima structured an installment agreement which brought down his monthly obligation from $5,000 to only $300 for the first three years of the payment plan. Moreover, Tylers total tax liability was reduced by $30,000. Tyler was very pleased with the result and now advises others that are in similar circumstances to get professional representation immediately.

I thought I was saving money by talking to the IRS first, but it ended up almost costing me everything.Tyler G.

Kenny C Ar Graphic Design Artist

Kenny came to us as a self employed, freelance Graphic Design Artist. He had been on an Installment Agreement for a tax balance but fell into financial hardship and defaulted on it. That resulted in the IRS rescinding the agreement and demanding the entire balance due. Otherwise they threatened to file Federal Tax Liens against him. He owed just over $10,500. At this point I had no idea what I was going to do, said Kenny.

When Optima stepped in, we immediately had a hold on IRS collection activity approved. From there we were able to prove his financial hardship and place Kenny in a Currently Non Collectible status. But we werent done yet. Ultimately, we were able to get the IRS to accept an Offer in Compromise on Kennys behalf which settled the liability for a total of $100. He now says, Now that my case is settled, I can once again enjoy life and not worry about the IRS. Glad we could help Kenny!

If I ever had questions, answers were only a phone call or email away… now my case is settled I can once again enjoy life.Kenny C.

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Optima Tax Relief Q& a

  • What sets Optima Tax Relief apart from other tax relief services? Optima Tax Relief has a team of tax professionals with over 25 years of experience. All work gets completed in-house with no cases outsourced to an unknown entity. With over $1 billion in resolved tax debt, Optima Tax Relief has extensive experience with mediating issues between taxpayers and the IRS.

  • In what states are Optima Tax Relief services available? Optima Tax Relief services are available nationwide. Optima can legally represent United States taxpayers living in all 50 states and abroad.

  • How long does Optima Tax Reliefs Two-Phase process take? Depending on the complexity of your case, the Optima Tax Relief process could take from two to 10 months. However, most cases resolve within six months.

  • Does Optima Tax Relief offer any guarantee? Yes, Optima Tax Relief offers a 15-day money back guarantee on their services.

  • Are there any tax relief services Optima does not provide? Optima Tax Relief provides representation for tax relief programs and strategies, except asset seizure negotiation.

Is It Safe To Use Optima Tax Relief

Optima Tax Relief

Yes. Optima Tax Relief encrypts your personal and financial details with industry-standard SSL protection. And they advertise an Optima Tax Relief Client Bill of Rights online, spelling out the rights you’re due when seeking services.

Optima is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals and the National Association of Enrolled Agents. Each of its staff members are licensed by the IRS to prepare tax returns.

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Jerwayne W In California Automotive Industry

Jerwayne owed $18,000 to the IRS after not filing his taxes for four years. He didnt know where to begin or who to turn to for help with resolving his tax issue. After watching a TV commercial for Optima Tax Relief, Jerwayne decided to give Optima a call. Optimas agents immediately took over, taking actions that stopped the IRS from moving forward with collections. And by negotiating with the IRS, our agents were able to secure Jerwayne an Offer in Compromise. Jerwayne explained, They were really genuine and caring people, and they got my taxes down from $18,000 to literally $100. Jerwayne can now move on and live his life free from this tax debt!

If youre in serious tax debt, I recommend these guys completely, 100 percent. Its not a scam, its not fake, its real. They will really take care of you.Jerwayne W.

Should I Use Optima Tax Relief

Optima Tax Relief is a great tax resolution firm for those who qualify with at least $10,000 in IRS debt and who don’t mind working with a younger company. Those with less than $10,000 in taxes owed will need to consider other tax resolution companies.

Though the company is young, it has resolved more than $1 billion in tax debt since opening in 2010. And its customer service and reviews indicate its employees are competent tax experts, including tax attorneys, certified public accountants , and enrolled agents.

One of the benefits of choosing Optima Tax Relief is that clients work with a tax expert to resolve their taxes owed or penalties with the IRS. Tax relief services offered include tax resolution/negotiation and settlement, IRS audit defense, IRS tax levy and tax lien, IRS wage garnishment, back taxes or unpaid taxes, tax audits, end penalties and interest, or the ability to meet with a tax preparer.

Former clients are mostly pleased with the level of service they have received from Optima Tax Relief professionals. An important thing to keep in mind is that the cost varies depending on your tax situation. Be sure to ask the agent or lawyer for an exact list of fees for the debt relief services and what payments would look like.

Overall, we recommend Optima Tax Relief services when working through tax matters to reach agreement with the IRS to settle your tax debt or negotiate an end to penalties or a federal tax lien.

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Optima Tax Relief Features To Know

Fees: The company says it offers a free consultation, which can help you decide whether Optima is for you. After that, youll pay about $500 for the company to diagnose the size and nature of your specific problem. What comes after that is less certain in terms of price fees range from $1,500 to $4,000 on average and vary case by case.

Who does the work: Optima Tax Relief assigns you a case advocate who acts as a go-between for you and the pros who are working on your tax issue. If you happen to live in Santa Ana, California, or Chandler, Arizona, you may be able to meet with someone in person to talk and ask questions otherwise, the company has other contact options shown in the table.

If and when the company reaches some sort of deal with the IRS on your behalf, it will take another look at your financial situation to see if you might qualify for an Offer in Compromise if . If you do, Optima Tax Relief says it will continue with completing the filings and actions needed to get that Offer in Compromise.

Refunds: Given that virtually anyone can get on a payment plan with the IRS , its unlikely that this or any other tax relief company will say theres nothing they can do for you. But if you decide you want your money back, Optima Tax Relief says you can walk within 15 calendar days of when you sign the contract.

Optimas Four Step Process For Tax Relief

Pritzker to propose relief on groceries, gas, property taxes

Optima has a four-step process for getting you free from tax debt:

The free consultation is a key step in the tax relief process. An Optima Tax representative will review your situation with you, explain your options, and help you decide whether a tax relief company is your best option. Many companies treat a free consultation as a sales pitch. Optima does not.

If you choose to retain Optimas services youll proceed to the investigation phase. Optima will focus on contacting the IRS, freezing any ongoing collection efforts, and developing a strategy to resolve your tax debt.

In the resolution phase Optima will pursue the selected resolution strategy. This will fit one of the tax relief options offered by the IRS: like every other tax relief company, Optima works within the framework set by IRS rules.

Resolution may involve a payment plan or an attempt to reduce your arrears, but this will always involve following one of the options offered by the IRS.

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About Us Optima Tax Relief

Client Portal Careers Blog. Tax FAQs IRS Audit Top 10 Benefits Tax Relief Scams Mark Levin Rush Limbaugh Get Tax Help 800-536-0734. About Us. Home About Us About Optima Tax Relief. The Optima Tax Relief team has had one vision since inception to help Americans nationwide deal with the aggressive collection policies of the State/IRS tax agencies. As we know, tax issues can create

What Is Optima Tax Reliefs Minimum Debt Requirement

According to an Optima Tax Relief representative, there is a minimum debt requirement of $10,000 to use the company’s tax reduction services. Thus, individuals with $10,000 in debt qualify for Optima Tax Relief’s services.

Those seeking a tax relief program that helps with a lower amount of tax debt will need to consider another company with a lower minimum debt requirement.

However, Optima Tax Relief does offer a free tax consultation where you can meet with a tax professional about your unique financial situation. If you havent filed your tax return for previous years, you may still qualify for this consultation, even if you owe less than $10,000 in tax debt.

During this consultation, you could ask questions about tax relief or tax penalties that you are facing and determine what the best course of action for you would be, all with the help of a qualified tax professional.

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What You Should Know About Tax Relief Services

A lot of people use tax relief services to resolve their lingering tax issues and leave positive reviews, but this isnt the case for everyone. Sometimes, tax relief can cause additional headaches.

This is because there are a lot of bad players in the tax relief world. So many people are duped by tax scams that the IRS continually updates its website with new scams as they occur. These can range from ghost tax preparers to fraudulent emails claiming to represent the IRS or a popular tax software preparation company. These scams are popular year-round, but particularly at tax time. In 2016, for example, the IRS saw a 400% increase in phishing schemes at tax time.

Keep in mind that if your situation is simple enough, you might be able to resolve it on your own. The IRS has many online tools, such as their Offer in Compromise Pre-Qualifier, that you can use to get started. Resolving your tax debt yourself can save you money. If you dont feel comfortable trying on your own, there are several free government-sponsored and nonprofit tax resources that you can access.

Optima Tax Relief Cost

Optima Tax Relief TV Commercials

Optima does not disclose its fees , but my research showed the following:

Investigation Fee
Resolution Fee $1,200-$7,000

As mentioned above, you pay an upfront fee of $495 to have Optima review your case and determine the best tax relief option.

The company advertises this as the Investigation Phase.

Based on information I found, the resolution fee can vary.

This is not different from any other tax relief firm complex cases involving an offer in compromise will typically be more expensive while simpler cases such as the removal of a tax lien will be cheaper.

That said, a lot of client reviews complained about Optimas lack of pricing transparency a common complaint lodged against the tax relief industry.

For example, a former client claimed, We were first told the fee would be up to $4,000, but it ended up being $7,000, with the end result being a payment plan, something I could have done on my own a year ago and saved time.

Fees can change if a case turns out to be more complicated, but the review, if true, suggests that Optima not only failed to communicate the reason for the fee increase, but also overcharged the client for an outcome that is not difficult to obtain from the IRS.

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Tax Settlement And Negotiation

If you owe back taxes to the IRS, Optima Tax Relief may be able to negotiate a tax settlement on your behalf. In some cases, you might be able to pay off your back taxes for less than the original amount you owed. That can lead to substantial savings, especially if you have a large outstanding back taxes.

For example, if you are struggling with your back taxes or if you cant pay them off in your current circumstances, you may qualify for a settlement. While tax settlements arent available for every taxpayer, Optima Tax Reliefs tax experts can help you explore this option and find out if it will work for you.

If youre eligible, the tax experts at Optima Tax Relief can walk you through the best option for you. The most common settlement methods include:

  • Offer in Compromise: If there is no way for you to pay off your back taxes, you could qualify for an offer in compromise that eliminates your back taxes while you pay a fraction of the amount you owe. To proceed with this option, youll need to write an acknowledgment that you cant pay your debt and a proposal for the maximum amount you can afford to pay. Writing an offer in compromise on your own isnt easy, but Optima Tax Relief can help you create a compelling offer thats more likely for the IRS to accept. The IRS accepted more than 24,000 offers in compromise in 2019, totaling over $250 million!

Put A Stop To Garnished Wages And Tax Liens

Garnished wages and tax liens are a pretty big deal. When the IRS steps in to take your money or puts a lien on your property, you shouldnt wait to take action.

Unfortunately, there are additional costs involved to stop wage garnishment or to remove a lien.

Were talking about court fees.

The court has a filing fee for almost everything. You may have court fees on top of the $2,000 to $7,500 or more that Optima charges.

But there is good news!

No matter how dire the situation, Optima Tax Relief can help you find a way out.

They can even help you remove the lien from your credit report.

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Patrick M In Florida Department Manager

Before his current job as department manager, Patrick accumulated several years of unfiled tax returns working as self-employed contractor and ended up with $30,000 in outstanding IRS debt.

I was starting to feel in over my head, says Patrick. He quickly came to the realization that he needed expert help. That is when he turned to Optima Tax Relief.

As soon as he got in contact with Optima, Patrick immediately recognized he was in good hands. Optima quickly went to work on Patricks case and placed him on an affordable monthly installment agreement to remove a lien placed against him and to keep him in full protection. Optima then went on to negotiate an Offer in Compromise with the IRS that settled Patricks $30,000 tax debt for just $996!

Patrick was ecstatic about his final outcome and urges people to call Optima for any IRS tax debt related problems. I was very impressed with their service. They answered every question I had and worked very closely with me throughout the entire process, says Patrick. They provide the absolute best help you can get.

I couldnt possibly be happier with Optima Tax and all theyve done for me!.Patrick M.

What Could Optima Tax Relief Do Better

Stretch your Dollar: Scams to be aware of if you are expecting a child tax credit payment

There are cheaper tax relief firms. Although OTRs rates are competitive, there are companies with lower prices. The money-back-guarantee could be longer. Although Optima Tax is one of the few tax relief firms to offer a money-back guarantee, it would be nice if it gave taxpayers a longer period to claim it. After all, the investigation phase takes two to four weeks, and the money-back guarantee only applies to the first 15 calendar days.

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