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What Is Optima Tax Relief

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Tax Preparation And Compliance

What is Optima Tax Relief?

It isnt always easy to prepare tax returns yourself, especially since tax laws get more complicated every year. If you have unfiled returns or if you owe back taxes, completing returns can be even more difficult.

Thats why Optima Tax Relief offers tax preparation and compliance services. When you hire this firm, you can rest assured that youll be working with EAs who are qualified to represent you before the IRS and CPAs with years of experience with tax compliance.

If you need a hand with tax preparation and compliance, Optima Tax Relief can help in a few ways:

  • E-Filing and Paper Tax Returns: The firms experienced EAs and CPAs can file current and past-due tax returns electronically or via mail. You can receive a paper or digital copy for your files.
  • Filing Dates: Your EA or CPA can confirm the due dates for all of your tax documents, whether you are filing amendments, annual returns, or quarterly returns.
  • Compliance: No matter which type of filing you choose, you can trust that your EA or CPA will ensure that your tax return complies with all federal, state, and local laws. You can also expect to pay as little as possible in taxes or receive the largest possible return given your individual situation.

I Am Yet To Be In A Resolution In 2022

I am yet still in now 2022, with NO resolution except ONE, to have a lien placed on me and give asserts list, to which is minimal. I’m not materialistic. All this due to coming down with a deadly diagnosis, to which I diagnosed myself. If I had not, I would be in Heaven. No one would get anything. Be aware of caution, if you have to use your short/long teen disability benefits . Make sure you appoint someone to take care of the small print that your benefits account sends to a third party to handle. I love my 29 year Nurse career, still working but way less income due to the results of the illness. I am sick and tired of asking for a resolution that makes sense and not an insult or own government is in turmoil. Now inflation etc. I want my $5700 paid back and pick a company that adheres to their MISSION for their clients. Advice from successful results needed.

Last communication said that this last document ration was 3 weeks NOT true I just got my tax documentation last week.

Reply from Optima Tax Relief

The Owners Of Optima Tax Relief

Based in Santa Ana, California, the people associated with Optima Tax Relief include:

  • Harry Langenberg
  • Jesse Stockwell
  • Jesse Torres

Wikis like the one we link to are based on matters of public record because corporations are required by law to disclose certain key facts. We have already mentioned that Optima Tax Reliefs business model seems to be an offer mill attached to a referral boiler room, with little else happening. But heres a few more companies owned or managed by those same persons:

  • Loan now of Texas advertises quick installment loans, money in minutes
  • Debtmerica a debt settlement company
  • Supermoney a review site that openly gives preference to this family of businesses
  • Alliance Financial Capital seems defunct now, but used to be a loan service
  • LendingPoint Mortgage Corporation another loan company
  • Prime Advantage Funding Corp. a loan and mortgage company

By now youre recognizing a pattern. Every business these people run has just one kind of customer: desperate people in debt! Now theres nothing wrong with that per se, maybe if youre a devoted Robin Hood. But desperate people in debt are also easy targets for scams and predatory business practices in general. This brings us to one big revelation:

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Optima Tax Relief Reviews

The Team at Optima Tax Relief are really caring and a pleasure to work with.Thank You

Reply from Optima Tax Relief

Glad to hear that we were able to get you compliant with the IRS! Our company specializes in providing relief to individuals who have tax debt and making sure that they end up on the IRS good side!

Optima Tax worked with me to resolve my tax problem. They were able to get me a great resolution to the over $20,000.00 I owed the IRS. I would highly recommend them to anyone with unpaid back taxes!

Reply from Optima Tax Relief

Taking Action On Your Tax Debt

Optima Tax Relief logo

If you owe money to the IRS, there is absolutely no reason to wait around. The IRS will not go away! Whether you decide to use a tax relief company or to take on the task yourself, its important to start immediately.

If you do decide to consult a tax relief company, Optima Tax Relief has the experience, expertise, and track record to help you resolve both federal and state tax issues.

Get in touch with Optima Tax Relief for your 100% FREE consultation today!

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What Customers Are Saying

Want to read real Optima Tax Relief reviews from verified customers? Do so here. Weve also included a snapshot of how customers rank Optima in terms of value, quality, service, and trustworthiness.

Customer reviews are an essential component of making a wise choice when it comes to what company you want to handle your tax debt relief needs. Look for companies that have positive reviews, and a lot of them. Based on this criteria, Optima Tax Relief passes the test, with over 1,300 reviews and a rating above 4 stars.

Optima Tax Relief has mostly glowing comments. Customers say the company has saved them thousands of dollars, provides great customer service, and is comprehensive in its explanation of the tax relief process. Many clients say working with a tax professional at Optima was one of the smartest decisions they ever made.

Plus, these reviews come from customers all across the United States, so you can rest assured that Optima Tax Relief can help you resolve your tax debt, wherever you may be in the country.

Optima Tax Relief Bbb Customer Reviews: 45 Stars

The BBB also welcomes customer reviews. The organization invites customers to rate their experience with Optima Tax Relief on a scale of zero to five stars. Customers can also write a review detailing their experience or the service they purchased.

In total, the BBB has collected more than 1,100 reviews from Optima Tax Relief customers. Overall, Optima Tax Relief has a customer rating of 4.5 out of five stars. This high customer rating shows that the firm excels at satisfying customers and finding positive resolutions for back tax issues.

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What Is Optima Tax Reliefs Minimum Debt Requirement

According to an Optima Tax Relief representative, there is a minimum debt requirement of $10,000 to use the company’s tax reduction services. Thus, individuals with $10,000 in debt qualify for Optima Tax Relief’s services.

Those seeking a tax relief program that helps with a lower amount of tax debt will need to consider another company with a lower minimum debt requirement.

However, Optima Tax Relief does offer a free tax consultation where you can meet with a tax professional about your unique financial situation. If you havent filed your tax return for previous years, you may still qualify for this consultation, even if you owe less than $10,000 in tax debt.

During this consultation, you could ask questions about tax relief or tax penalties that you are facing and determine what the best course of action for you would be, all with the help of a qualified tax professional.

Is Optima Tax Relief Legit

OPTIMA TAX RELIEF | “Most Trusted”

When you want additional proof that a company is legitimate, the Better Business Bureau is a reliable place to look. For over 100 years, the BBB has monitored businesses, helped companies develop trustworthy practices, and guided customers through choosing the best company for their needs.

The BBB holds businesses to the highest possible standards by encouraging companies to be honest when they advertise and sell. As a nonprofit organization, the BBB welcomes customer reviews and doesnt allow businesses to pay for good ratings.

To rate businesses, the BBB has three methods: BBB ratings, customer reviews, and BBB Accreditation. Find out how Optima Tax Relief rates below.

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About Us Optima Tax Relief

Client Portal Careers Blog. Tax FAQs IRS Audit Top 10 Benefits Tax Relief Scams Mark Levin Rush Limbaugh Get Tax Help 800-536-0734. About Us. Home About Us About Optima Tax Relief. The Optima Tax Relief team has had one vision since inception to help Americans nationwide deal with the aggressive collection policies of the State/IRS tax agencies. As we know, tax issues can create

What Is Tax Debt Relief

Tax debt relief refers to a number of measures and strategies that help individuals pay or reduce their tax liability.

Although the term originally referred to policies aimed at reducing individuals and businesses tax burden, it is now often used to refer to options offered by federal and state governments to help those who are struggling to pay their tax debt. These might include payment plans, settlements and wage garnishments.

While both state and federal tax collectors offer similar plans, local regulations can vary widely. Its important to check your states comptroller office for the specific options available to you.

Its important to note that anyone can negotiate these options directly with the IRS. However, there are situations when hiring professionals is a worthwhile investment.

Tax relief companies also known as tax resolution firms use their knowledge of federal and state law to review your documents and financial situation, and identify the best alternative. The process typically involves filing paperwork and communicating with the IRS on your behalf. Some companies employ tax attorneys who can, in some particularly complex cases, also act as intermediaries in your negotiations with the government.

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Winner Of The Better Business Bureau Torch Award For Ethics

Optima Tax Relief was 2021 winner of the prestigious Torch Award for Ethics awarded by the Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest. The BBB bestows this honor to companies that have demonstrated the best practices, leadership, social responsibility and high standards of organizational ethics that benefit their customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and communities. A tremendous honor that stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to imbue the highest ethical standards into everything we do.

Tax Relief Experts Trust The Professionals At Optima Tax

Optima Tax Relief

A reputable tax relief company can help you reach a tax relief agreement with the IRS.Using proven strategies, our knowledgeable experts can assist you through tax audits, help reduce your tax debt, and stop wage garnishments and bank levies from happening. In some cases, you may be able to settle tax debts for much less than was originally owed.The tax relief experts at Optima Tax Relief are available to be your dedicated resource to save you the most money while resolving your IRS debt in

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Your New Word For The Day Is Debt Vulture

which is a kind of business that specifically preys on those who are in debt. That can mean tax relief, or general debt relief or consolidation, , reverse mortgages, and so on. Its a term we learned from an Australian consumer advocacy site, where apparently Australia has a problem with this industry too.

Likewise, the United States has a debt vulture industry, and its huge! It goes on forever, basically taking advantage of people in dire straights by charging them outrageous fees for little to no service, sometimes even an outright scam. Beyond the other industries weve also covered, there are payday and car title loans, mortgage loan modifications, high-interest credit offers, and much more.

Keep some of those above terms in mind, while we explore who owns Optima Tax Relief and what else they own.

We Can Help Protect You

  • Tax Levies & Liens

Initiate Client Protection, Summarize Options


  • We Are an A BBB Accredited Business
  • “A” Rating With Business Consumer Alliance
  • A Proud Member of National Association of Tax Professionals
  • Ranked the #1 Financial Services Company by Inc. Magazine
  • Licensed by the IRS to Practice in All 50 states
  • Member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents
  • Named “Best Place to Work” by the OCBJ
  • “People Love Us On Yelp” Award
  • Approved Continuing Education Provider
  • Named an “Official Top Workplace” Honoree

We Are an A BBB Accredited Business

A Rating With Business Consumer Alliance

A Proud Member of National Association of Tax Professionals

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Optima Complaints: Are They A Rip Off

There are a lot of tax scams out there. Thats why its essential to read online reviews! But heres the kicker: Make sure youre getting reviews from a reputable site.

Some sites let anyone leave a review. Thats why the BBB is so powerful They connect reviewers with the company to help them resolve any problems.

Heres one example:

Aaron D gave Optima a one-star review on the BBB site:

Do not use this company! They are crooks. Soaked me for over 13k, over five years. I spent a week and got on a payment plan with the IRS myself! Optima was fired yesterday! They wanted another 5k out of me. No, I dont think so. If you want me to remove this BBB review, then refund every dollar is spent, and Ill consider it.

Aaron D

But Optima tried to help Aaron. Heres their response:

Upon receiving your review, weve been diligently trying to locate you in our system, but your review didnt provide enough identifiable information to locate you. We welcome you to call 965-3192 to speak with one of our QA Specialists, whenever you are ready. We will be more than happy to speak with you directly about your concerns. We truly hope you provide us with an opportunity to turn your experience around, and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Optima Tax Relief

Quick Tip:Once you start an installment plan, you will have a harder time qualifying for a debt reduction request later. We recommend you speak to an expert to see if you qualify for tax relief first.

Who Qualifies For Optima Tax Relief


You must have been unemployed for a minimum of 30 consecutive days during 2011 or before April 15 2012. Married couples filing jointly need to have only one spouse that meets the qualifications. Individuals who are self-employed need to be able to show at least a 25 percent drop in their net income.

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How We Chose The Best Tax Relief Companies

If youre looking for professional assistance with your tax debt issues, consulting a tax relief company is likely at the top of your mind. While it is entirely possible to negotiate common tax debt issues yourself directly with the IRS, consulting a professional can often provide greater peace of mind. We used the following criteria to choose the best tax relief companies:


When people think of tax debt relief, they mostly think about the IRS, which is a federal agency. However, tax debt can also impact people at the state level. We picked companies that could deal with both federal and state tax issues and that were available nationwide.


When considering the best tax debt relief companies, we chose those who offered free consultations and flexible payment plans, making their services accessible to all who need them.


To ensure that you only work with companies with a solid track record, we evaluated tax debt relief companies reputation by looking at consumer feedback from the Better Business Bureau and other review websites such as Trustpilot.

We also only picked companies with at least one certification or membership in major tax professional organizations such as the National Association of Tax Professionals , the National Association of Enrolled Agents , and many others.

When To Use Optima Tax Relief

Even though you can technically pursue tax relief by yourself, the tax code can be complicated to decipher. Its easy to make mistakes when it comes to your taxes and it can be hard to fix problems that occur. Thats where tax relief companies come in, and some are more genuine than others.

Tax relief companies know youre probably desperate when youre coming to them for help, and sometimes they can take advantage of that. Whats positive about Optima Tax Relief is their transparency.

Its two-phase process presents a clear strategy for clients: first, theyll help stop any urgent issues with your taxes, and next, theyll fix your problems long term.

Optima Tax Relief is positioned to help clients anywhere in the country. It works with clients in a variety of scenarios even if you dont have tax issues. But its greatest expertise is in helping people resolve IRS or state tax debt.

If youre overwhelmed or mystified by your taxes, Optima Tax Reliefs two-phase process could offer necessary clarity.

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Tax Debt Relief Options

The following tax debt relief options are available to anyone directly from the IRS. Some state agencies may offer similar programs for local taxes. Before reaching out to tax relief companies, its always a good idea to check the IRS website or speak with a representative over the phone to obtain further information about these options.

Remember that most of the work that tax relief companies do involves reviewing your case details and identifying the best option for your situation based on the information they find they dont have access to any information that you could not obtain yourself, and they cannot guarantee any specific result.

If your tax situation is relatively straightforward meaning you dont have multiple sources of income, a complex stock portfolio, etc. youre usually better off speaking to the IRS directly.

Offers in compromise

Offers in compromise are a way to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount you owe. Under this arrangement, the IRS considers factors such as your ability to pay, income, expenses and assets to determine if you are eligible. Per the IRS, offers in compromise are only considered if it has reason to believe that the lower amount is the most that can be collected within a reasonable amount of time, which makes this one of the least commonly offered tax debt relief options.

Innocent spouse relief

Installment agreement

Penalty abatement

Currently not collectible

IRS Fresh Start Program

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