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What Is The Pink Tax

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Existing As A Woman Is Pricey

What is the pink tax all about? | Aly Says | The Straits Times

According to a recently published NYC Department of Consumer Affairs study, the cost of the products marketed toward women demographic on average was 7% more than products marketed toward men. The study compared two identical-looking Radio Flyer scooters. The only difference between them was the color. The pink scooter cost $49 compared to the same model in red color costing $24.99 even though both scooters function the same.

This discrepancy applies to various products in the market ranging from apparel, toys, and healthcare products. For example, clothing targeted towards women was 8% more expensive than those targeted towards men. The largest discrepancy came to personal care/hygiene products, where women products costed more than men products. In addition, it is not only limited to adults but also kids where girls toys cost on average 7% more than boys toys in the toy sector. In the apparel section, girls clothes costed 4% more than boys clothes.

Is There A Pink Tax In Theuk

Yes, there is, but there have been some improvements. As of January 2021, the tampon tax in the UK has been abolished. Women are no longer required to pay taxes for sanitary products. Due to Brexit, the UK is no longer required to follow the EU rules that apply for sanitary products. This means that women will spend less money on tampons, saving about £7 on a pack of 20 pads.

How Much Does The Pink Tax Cost Women

Estimates of how much women pay in pink taxes vary. In 1994, California ran a gender-pricing study and estimated that women paid roughly an extra $1,350 every year for personal care services, such as haircuts and dry cleaning, which is $2,135 in todays dollars.

In 2015, the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs did its own study, concluding that women and girls pay about 7% more, on average, for consumer goods than men and boys do. That breakdown looks like this:

In fact, products for women cost more in 30 out of 35 categories covered by the study. The reports takeaway: In every industry, products for female consumers were more likely to cost more.

While studies havent estimated the long-term cost of the pink tax, its clear that women will generally pay thousands more than men for services and products over a lifetime.

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+ Outrageous Pink Tax Statistics You Should Know

    Pink tax statistics are scarce and mostly done by social advocates and movements that dedicate their time and energy to raise awareness about this issue. In this article, you will find out more about this phenomenon, how it affects women, and how much it really costs.;

    Have you ever wondered why the same brand sells one type of mens shampoo and ten different types of shampoo for women?;

    You will usually recognize these products from the moment you enter a store they are in any shade of pink or purple, decorated with pictures of flowers in bloom, milk, or smiling women. They are also more expensive than the blue bottle next to it.

    The Scope Of Pink Tax Pricing

    Your Local Pharmacy

    The Pink Tax doesnt only affect adult women. The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs study found that young girls cannot escape the pitfalls of the Pink Tax because girl toys cost on average 2 percent to 13 percent more than boy toys that are the same other than their color.

    This speaks to one of the fundamental problems with the Pink Tax: Its not always simple to identify.

    Sure, you notice when your razor or shaving cream costs more than mens products, but what about shirts? Pants? How can you tell if you are paying more for products that dont have an easy comparison point? Merchants, brands and product quality vary, making it hard to determine a fair price without gender bias.

    The most accurate product comparisons consider merchandise of similar quality from the same manufacturer and in these comparisons, gender bias is prevalent among many top clothing stores. For example, the average cost of a womans pair of jeans at one popular retailer is $62.75 while comparable mens jeans at the same store cost $57.09 a 10 percent price increase for women.

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    What Is Gendered Marketing

    Gendered Marketing is a marketing strategy that divides consumers based on their gender by tailoring products based on gender stereotypes. One of the examples is pink and blue divide. The pink and blue divide is common for childrens toys but can be seen in stationary items, medication, and personal hygiene products. Another example is advertising that portrays men and women in stereotypical gender roles.

    Why gender-based marketing is bad for business | Gaby Barrios: 

    What Items Are Pink Taxed

    Items labeled as for women or for girls that usually come in pink color will most likely be more expensive than the male versions of the same product. Pink tax can include various products, from clothing and toys to self-care products.;

    For example, women pay 13% more for personal care products, 8% more for clothing, 7% more for toys, and 4% more for childrens clothing.

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    Is It Possible To Avoid The Pink Tax

    It was a long time coming, but the Affordable Care Act now makes it illegal for insurance companies to charge men and women different prices for the same medical care and treatment. Another win from the Act is that insurance companies must also cover the cost of birth control as well.

    In 1996, the state of California was the first to pass a discrimination pricing law. As a result, businesses that charge women more face a fine of up to $1,000. However, we dont see any government body enforcing the law, and our attempts to find an online listing of anyone held to account yielded no results.

    As mentioned, you can offset many of the pink taxes by buying mens products instead of womens personal care products. Bring a male friend with you to the dealership when purchasing a new car, or have them call into service shops when getting a quote for repairs.

    If you do find yourself a victim of the pink tax, dont hesitate to put the company on blast on your social channels. By speaking up, you could potentially start a movement that inspires change.

    Women Are Charged 42% More Than Men For The Same Amount Of Goods

    The Pink Tax Myth isn’t real! | Pink Tax Debunked

    Based on one study on gender pricing in New York City, women pay 13% more for personal care products, adult clothing , senior/home health care products , accessories and toys , and childrens clothing .

    In other words, based on thepink tax calculator, toys, makeup, and clothes are all more expensive when they are manufactured to target the female audience.;

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    The State Of New York Declared Gender

    New York is the most recent state that stopped pink taxes. This prohibits businesses from charging the same products differently for men and women.;

    To explain the issue, the statement gave some rather shocking examples a blue swimming pool for children costs $69.99. The exact same one in pink costs $89.99. A womans suit jacket would cost $12 to dry clean, while a man would pay $8 for his clothing item.;

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    Kenya Was The First Country In The World To Get Rid Of The Tampon Tax In 2004

    Kenya, Canada, India, Malaysia, Uganda, Tanzania, Nicaragua, and Trinidad and Tobago were the first countries that started dealing with the issue of gender based pricing. In the US, women and girls living in certain states deleted the pink tax.

    However, taxing female sanitary necessities is still high all over the world. Iceland, Albania, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Argentina have a 20% tax. In comparison, women in Turkey, Chile, South Africa, and New Zealand face 15%19% VAT when buying menstrual products.

    How Can We Stop Falling For The Pink Tax

    The Pink Tax on Transportation: Womenâs Challenges in ...

    One might say so what if women pay a little more for the fancy products they use? To those asking, the difference between a man and woman spending on clothes, cosmetics, footwear etc. amounts to $1300 dollars annually. That is a significant amount for any woman who is working hard to earn money.

    If we want to overcome this price gap, here is what we can do

    • Refrain from retailers who levy extra costs
    • Go for an alternative version if the difference is not huge
    • Support companies who are into gender neutral pricing

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    How To Fight Back Against The Pink Tax

    Are you pissed off yet?

    The pink tax is so ingrained in society that it takes some practice to spot it. But once you do, its impossible to ignore. So what can be done to stop it?

    For one, the pink tax will exist as long as women keep paying it. As a woman, its important to be an informed consumer and comparison shop to make sure that you arent paying extra just because a product is speckled with glitter or smells like apple blossoms. Look for the gender-neutral or male equivalent instead .

    When comparing services, its important to do your research ahead of time, know the market rate, and compare several quotes to be sure you arent getting ripped off.

    But the burden of fighting the pink tax shouldnt fall solely on womens shoulders. After all, the pink tax exists because of the discriminatory practices of businesses. And thats one area where men can lend a hand.

    Start by boycotting companies that are known to add a pink tax to their products. Urban Outfitters and Levis, for example, were found to have the largest pricing disparities for adult clothing in one analysis, charging women 24.6% and 24.3% more, respectively. CVS upcharged women the most for personal care products .

    Even better, support companies that are taking a stand against the pink tax by offering gender-neutral pricing for their products. Brands such as Boxed, Snowe, Billie, and even Cards Against Humanity actively work to eliminate the pink tax.

    Pink Tax Examples: What Products & Services Are Affected

    Whether youre buying safety gear or ordering office supplies, every industry, service, and product is affected by the pink tax in some way.

    Clothes & dry cleaning

    The DCA study found that clothes for adult women cost an average of 8% more than similar mens garments. The greatest disparity was in shirts. For every two analogous shirts from the same retailer, the womens cut version cost an average of 15% more than the mens. Even school uniforms for girls are more expensive than those for boys.

    And as a woman, if you want your clothes dry cleaned youll also pay more. A study in Gender Issues found that women pay an average of $3.95 per shirt while men pay $2.06.

    A post shared by Tessa Elizondo on May 6, 2019 at 7:40pm PDT

    Healthcare and insurance

    Medically necessary products such as prescription drugs and braces are tax-exempt as are some predominantly male products like Rogaine and Viagra. Yet, 35 states still charge sales tax on tampons and pads.

    Pads and tampons are an essential feminine hygiene product for more than half the population, so one would think it would be a bigger issue, said Katie Utterback, host of the Talk Wealth To Me podcast.

    Women also have extra healthcare costs that men dont have to think about. This includes things like birth control, pain relievers for menstrual cycles, and breastfeeding supplies.


    Vehicle repair & transportation

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    The Pink Tax Is A Problem For Everyone

    Fortunately, theres proposed legislation that might eliminate the pink tax. This gives men and women the opportunity to both support a bill that would be a huge step forward for gender equality.

    We need legislation to protect the financial interests of women not just when it comes to pads and tampons, but on all the things we use our money to purchase, Utterback said.

    A young girl should not have to spend more on a school uniform top simply because she was born female. Our argument to #AxThePinkTax isnt about punishing men, its about giving women a fighting chance economically to live their best life.

    Earning Less But Paying More

    The â?Pink Taxâ? Explained: Why it Can Cost More to Be a Woman…

    The pink tax has a massive economic impact on women. For instance, for many, the cost of period products is a deciding factor on whether or not they will have food on their plate. Women have less purchasing power, especially when paired with the gender-based pay gap. Women currently make half of what men make. Consequently, they have less income to spend on goods and services. This situation is bringing gender dysphoria by giving men more money and, ultimately, more buying power. The pink tax mainly contributes to the economic inequality between men and women.

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    Top 10 Facts &pink Tax Statistics For 2021

    • Women are charged 42% more than men for the same amount of goods.
    • Pink tax amounts to $1,351 per woman a year.
    • California would lose $55 million a year if it cut tampon and diaper taxes.
    • Kenya was the first country to get rid of the Tampon Tax in 2004.;
    • The state of New York declared gender based pricing illegal on October 1, 2020.
    • Pink products are the most expensive ones.
    • Scotland is the first country that has made sanitary pads and tampons free for everybody.
    • The tampon pink tax in the UK was finally abolished in 2021.
    • Women in the US spend $150 million on menstrual products.
    • The pink tax doesnt include life insurance.

    Who Uses Pink Tax

    The pink tax is often cited as one form of gender-based economic discrimination, along with the gender pay gap. The term is often found in both gender- and consumer-based reporting. Many people may encounter;pink tax in reference to legislation seeking to end such price discrimination.;On social media, people post pictures of showing a lower-priced mens product next to its higher-priced womens counterpart, calling out the discrepancy with the hashtag #pinktax.

    French citizens have have had enough of the “pink tax”

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    One Of The Unbelievable Pink Tax Facts Is The One Citing The Eu Taxes Menstrual Products As Luxury Items

    The most prominent part of the pink tax issue is the so-called tampon tax, i.e., the taxation of menstrual products, which are a basic monthly necessity.;

    One of the lesser-known facts is that, according to the EU, these are not necessities but luxuries, like caviar, for example. This categorization means that the EU member states cannot reduce the taxing of these products below 5%.;

    How Do I Avoid Paying The Pink Tax

    Cracking the pink tax. The real costs of skincare for men ...

    The easiest way to avoid the pink tax is to comparison shop when you can. Check out the mens versions of razors, shampoo, and other personal care products. Browse mens basics like t-shirts, button-up shirts and sockschances are, youll pay less for products of similar, or better, quality.

    Also be on the lookout for stores and companies that advertise that theyre Pink Tax Free or offer unisex services.

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    What Places Charge The Pink Tax

    The pink tax is everywhere, in-store, online, domestic, and international. Its even in your home. Kara Perez of Bravely Go is a woman working in a male-dominated field. During the time in the morning a man could spend sleeping, meditating, or arriving to work early, she has to spend it on her appearance.

    The time I take to get ready because the grooming expectations are different for women than men, thats the pink tax that I pay, Perez said. My time is literally taxed.

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    Scotland Is The First Country That Has Made Sanitary Pads And Tampons Free For Everybody

    Were ending our pink tax facts and pros and cons with good news from Scotland. Namely, the Period Products Bill was signed recently, and now its up to the government to come up with ways of implementing the changes.;

    Scotland was also the first country in the world to make sanitary pads and tampons free in educational facilities.

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    Facts About The Pink Tax Reveal Pink Products Are The Most Expensive Ones

    The term is not just symbolic. One study compared the prices of 50 products falling into different categories, like clothes, toys, and other accessories.;

    In all 50 products, the pink version turned out to be the most expensive. For example, if your son wants a new helmet, you can get him one for $14.99. If your daughter wants one, be prepared to pay $27.99 to get it in pink.;

    Is Price Discrimination Illegal

    The Pink Tax explained

    Though it almost certainly existed before then, the pink tax was first recognized as an issue in 1995 when the California state legislatures Office of Research reported finding that 64% of stores in the states five large cities charged more to wash and dry clean a womans blouse compared to a mans button-up shirt. A senior consultant to Democratic Assemblywoman Jackie Speier told newspapers that the discrepancies represented blatant examples of price discrimination based upon gender.

    Based on the study, California enacted the state-wide Gender Tax Repeal Act of 1995, which says, in part, that No business establishment of any kind whatsoever may discriminate, with respect to the price charged for services of similar or like kind, against a person because of the persons gender. However, Californias law currently applies only to services, not to consumer products.

    After being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2013, Rep. Speier introduced the Pink Tax Repeal Act prohibiting product manufacturers or service providers from selling substantially similar products at different prices based on the gender of the intended purchaser. After the bill failed to gain traction, Rep. Speier reintroduced the pink tax ban in April 2019, but no further action has been taken on the bill.

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