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Where To Find Federal Tax Id Number

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Determine Your Eligibility For A Fein

EIN lookup – How to Find an EIN

The two indicators that youre eligible for a FEIN are if your main business is located within the U.S. or its territories, and if you have a valid Social Security number or another form of tax identification, such as another FEIN.

Having your main business in the U.S. or its territories means that the majority of your income as a business owner comes from a practice residing in this area. Therefore, even if you have another business outside the U.S., you may still be eligible for a FEIN. The person applying for a FEIN does not need to be the business owner, but they must have firsthand knowledge of and dealings with the companys finances. A secretary or administrative assistant can also apply for a FEIN they can simply sign Form SS-4 and provide their information in the third-party designee section.

Completing Your Gst/hst Return

The government sends out these returns automatically and if you do not receive yours you will need to call them and request new copies. These are not returns that can be located online. These returns are specifically created by Revenue Canada for your business and have certain dates already filled in.

You should keep in mind that even though a business needs to charge GST on products and services and you will remit that amount to Revenue Canada Agency, you will also be allowed to subtract any amounts of GST that you have paid for services and products paid for with respect to your business. In the first year of business, if you have more expenses than profits, you may be able to obtain a refund of GST since you may pay more GST than you actually claimed. It works like this:

GST Charged on Products and Services that were sold through the business


GST Paid for Products and Services for the business.


If it turns out you paid more GST than you actually charged your customers you will be entitled to a refund.

Goods and Services Taxable

If you are a GST/HST registrant and you provide goods and services that are taxable at various amounts, you have to charge either GST or HST as the case may be for your province or territory. The Canada Revenue Agency does provide a summary of the GST/HST Rates. Refer to the following guides for more information about registering for a GST/HST Account:

What Is A Tin Number

The tax identification number, known as a TIN, identifies your business to the IRS. Its a unique nine-digit number. To complete your tax returns or communicate with the IRS, youll need a federal tax ID number.

With the exception of social security numbers , the IRS issues all tax ID numbers. The Social Security Administration is the entity that issues SSNs. Non-U.S. taxpayers must obtain a foreign tax ID number. The country of origin issues this number to the individual.

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Is A Fein Public

Although many entities use their FEINs to report their taxes and other financial information to the IRS and other government entities, it is public information. Corporations must share their FEINs with the other businesses they do business with. It is often needed for completing W-9 forms, providing credit references and sharing other forms of information. Sharing your FEIN sometimes creates unwanted exposure, which leads to some level of vulnerability. Just like Social Security numbers, FEINs should be used and shared discreetly to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud.

How To Find Another Company’s Ein

How to Find a Company

Usually, small business owners need to locate their own company’s tax ID number, but businesses sometimes need to look up another company’s EIN. For example, you can use an EIN to verify a new supplier or client’s information. Also, in industries like insurance, you might need other companies’ EINs during your daily course of business.

Use one of the following options to find another business’s federal tax ID number:

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Tin Search: Finding Your Tin Number

If youre a Canadian business owner looking for your TIN number, weve got good news: its easy to find.

For individual residents of Canada , your TIN number is your nine-digit SIN.

So long as you know your SIN, youre good to go!

However, for corporations , your TIN is your nine-digit Business Number issued by the Canada Revenue Agency .

So, lets talk about how to find your BN.

Access The Edgar Database

EDGAR provides data on foreign and domestic companies that are legally required to file forms with the SEC . This database includes more than 21 million filings. Users can access it for free.

For a quick EIN lookup, go to and click More Search Options below the search bar on top of the homepage. Enter the organization’s name in the designated field under Search Company Filings. Another option is to access EDGAR search tools and search by filing date, CIK , ticker symbol and other criteria.

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Resources To Look Up A Tax Id And Verify Ein For A Business

The EIN for publicly traded companies can be found on the Investor Relations website. Almost every publicly traded company will possess a filings page.

On the filings page provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission, you can find the EIN number for a business by clicking the SEC filing and reading the first page of the document.

It is also possible to use the EDGAR Online Forms and Filings database to search for an EIN. Searching the EDGAR database is completely free of charge, and can be used to find a business EIN that is not listed in the online SEC filings.

If you frequently need to search for business EINs, then you may want to sign up for a commercial database service. With a Commercial EIN database, you may have access to special offers that provide you with a certain number of free searches before you will need to pay a fee.

Several methods exist for looking up a business’s tax ID. Generally, the searcher will need to provide a few basic details, including the type of entity for which they are searching.

Does My Business Need A Federal Tax Id Number

Where do I find my Employer ID Number (EIN)? – TurboTax Support Video

A business needs a federal tax ID number in order to apply for a business bank account or loan. Here are several other questions to help you figure out whether your business might need a federal tax ID number:

  • Do you have employees?
  • Do you withhold taxes on any income other than wages paid to a nonresident alien?
  • Is your business a partnership or corporation?
  • Is your business involved with mortgage investments?
  • Is your business involved with real estate conduits?
  • Is your business involved with nonprofit organizations?
  • Does your business handle estates, trusts or IRAs?
  • Do you file a return for tobacco, employment, alcohol, firearms or excise taxes?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, your business likely needs a tax ID. For more information visit

If your business is tax-exempt, you still have to apply for an EIN. However, you must make sure your business meets the tax exemption requirements before you apply for an EIN.

Upon applying for an EIN, tax-exempt businesses have three years to prove their status. You dont want to spend any of that time trying to jump through legal hoops and requirements to meet the tax-exempt regulations.

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Check Anywhere Your Ein Could Be Recorded

Doing an EIN lookup or tax ID number lookup should be simple since it should be on many essential documents. Here are a few places your EIN might appear:

  • CP 575 Notice. When the IRS issues an EIN, they send you a CP 575 confirming your employer identification number. They may have issued this digitally when you applied online, faxed it or sent it via mail. Check to see if you received an electronic or printed letter from the IRS confirming your EIN when you first applied.
  • Prior year tax returns. Check your previous income, employment or excise tax returns. You generally have to include your EIN on any tax returns, so assuming this isn’t your first time using your EIN, it should be on most official government forms.
  • Loan or license applications. You may have also used your EIN when applying for a loan, business license or permit.
  • Bank or financial institution. If you used your EIN to open a business bank account, try calling the bank or visiting a branch to get the EIN you used when you opened the account.

Performing an employer identification number lookup isnt difficult you dont need to hire a service to find your EIN on your behalf.

Track Down Your Social Security Number

In the U.S., an individuals social security number is highly classified information. The number connects people to their credit histories and bank accounts in addition to their employment and tax histories. If you cant remember your social security number, you wont be able to simply do some electronic digging to find it. You will have to get creative and think about the resources you have at your disposal.

Your first course of action should be to check all your personal files and records, particularly financial documents, to look for your SSN. You can find this number on your tax returns, W-2 forms, 1099 forms, loan applications and documents, certain types of legal documents, and more.

Social security numbers are extremely sensitive because they are used as legal identification for bank accounts, credit card applications, public assistance and more. That means these entities have your social security number in their records. However, due to concerns about identity theft, they will usually require you to appear in person with several other forms of identification to prove your identity before sharing your SSN with you.

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Finding The Id For Your Employer

  • 1Check your W-2. Any W-2 form your employer sent you lists the employer’s identification number in box “b”, near the top left corner of the form.
  • 2 You may be able to get your employerâs EIN by requesting it directly from your employer’s payroll division. Even if you have recently left the company, they may be able to help you.XResearch source
  • 3Check the SEC filing for a public company. If your employer is a publicly traded company, check the investor section of its website for its SEC filings. Open the most recent quarterly report or the document named “current SEC filing report.” The employer identification number is usually listed near the top of the first page.
  • You can also look up the company using its name or ticker symbol at’s EDGAR search.
  • In What Other Instances Is A Fein Needed

    tax id

    You also need a FEIN when your organization pays taxes of any kind and when you issue employee-related tax forms, such as W-2s. Employers are required to issue W-2s to their employees at the end of each tax year. All payroll reports contain your FEIN including monthly, quarterly, and annual tax forms, all of which can be filed by a professional payroll processing company.

    You will also have to issue a 1099 to every independent contractor you paid at least $600 to during the tax year, and your FEIN will also be needed on that form.

    Not only will your business need a FEIN for various purposes, but your employees and outside contractors will also need it when they prepare their tax returns.

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    Contact The Irs To Find Your Ein

    If you can’t find your EIN on any of your documents, you can contact the IRS at 800-829-4933, but you’ll need to call them Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. local time.

    If your EIN changed recently and isnt on older documents, this should be your first option. Be sure that the person contacting the IRS is authorized to do so. Authorized people generally include the sole proprietor, a partner in a partnership or a corporate officer.

    How To Change Or Cancel An Ein

    Once you obtain an EIN for your business, that tax ID remains with your business for its entire lifespan. However, there are some situations where you might need a new business tax ID number.

    Here’s when you’ll need to apply for a new EIN:

    • You incorporate for the first time or change your business entity

    • You buy an existing business or inherit a business

    • Your business becomes a subsidiary of another company

    • You are a sole proprietor and are subject to a bankruptcy proceeding

    • You are a sole proprietor and establish a retirement, profit sharing, or pension plan

    • You receive a new charter from your state’s Secretary of State

    • There are changes to your ownership structure

    The IRS has a detailed list of situations where you need a new EIN. A new EIN replaces your old EIN, so once you get the new tax ID, you would use that on tax returns and other business paperwork moving forward.

    Note that more common changes, such as changes to your business name or address, generally don’t require a new EIN. But you should still report a business name change or location change to the IRS.

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    How To Get A Tax Id Number

    You can acquire a tax ID number by applying through the appropriate agency. Particularly for a business seeking an EIN, you can obtain one from the Internal Revenue Service.

    Its essential you collect the necessary information before starting your online application process. Upon completing the application, you should receive your EIN immediately. At this point, you can download, print, or otherwise save your EIN confirmation for future reference.

    What Is An Ein

    How to Find and Use Your Business Tax ID

    An EIN serves as a unique identifier for your company. Its used mainly for tax purposes. The IRS requires an EIN for any registered business with employees, corporations, partnerships, and businesses that file employment, excise, or alcohol, tobacco and firearms tax returns.

    Your EIN serves as the primary ID of a business to the government. It’s also commonly referred to as a “tax identification number ” or “federal tax ID number.” You might use it to:

    • File business tax returns
    • File various business legal documents

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    Facts About Ein Filing Service A Third

    You can apply for your EIN online through a third-party vendor, EIN Filing Service, by visiting . This group is not affiliated with any department of the federal government they simply offer the service to their clients for a fee. This is a secure way to apply in which someone else takes care of all the paperwork, saving you time. The online portal gathers the relevant information for accuracy. You get your number via email, and it’s ready to use right away. A paper copy comes in the mail later.

    Down the road, if you need to make changes to your business information, EIN Filing Service can help with that too at no charge. It’s easy and fast, and it’s ideal for people and businesses that don’t like completing paperwork.

    Frequently Asked Questions: Ein Number Lookup

    Do I need an EIN if Im self-employed?

    You dont need an EIN if youre self-employed you can simply use your Social Security number. Some people who are self-employed choose to apply for an EIN instead of using their Social Security number to reduce the risk of identity theft its less likely for someone to break into your accounts when you keep business finances and personal finances separate.

    I have a sole proprietorship with a DBA . Do I Need an EIN?

    Having a DBA doesnt impact whether or not you are required to have an EIN for your sole proprietorship. The same rules apply to a sole proprietorship with a DBA as apply to a sole proprietorship without a DBA.

    Per the IRS, A sole proprietor without employees and who doesnt file any excise or pension plan tax returns doesnt need an EIN. Once you hire employees or file excise or pension plan tax returns, you will immediately require an EIN.

    Is there a difference between an EIN and a TIN?

    No, there isn’t a difference between an Employer Identification Number and a Taxpayer Identification Number . Both refer to the nine-digit number issued by the IRS to identify your business.

    Is there a difference between an EIN and a FEIN?

    No, there is not a difference between an EIN and a Federal Employer Identification Number . A FEIN can also be referred to as a Federal Tax Identification Number.

    How to establish business credit through your EIN?

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    How To Cancel An Ein

    If you apply for an EIN and realize you dont need it or close your business, you can close your business account with the IRS.

    How you close your account depends on whether youve ever used the EIN to file tax returns or not.

    If you never used the EIN, send a letter to the IRS that includes the complete legal name of your business, your EIN, business address, and the reason you need to close your account. Send your letter to Internal Revenue Service, Cincinnati, OH 45999. You may want to send the letter certified return receipt so you have confirmation that the IRS received it.

    If youve filed an income tax return using the EIN, you need to file a final return before the IRS can close your account. Business tax returns, including Form 1065, Form 1120-S, and Form 1120, include a checkbox to mark the return as final. You need to file a final return even if you didnt have any revenues or expenses during your last year in business.

    Once the IRS assigns an EIN, it will never assign it to another business entity, even after closing your business account. It remains the permanent federal identification number for that business, and you can reopen your account and reuse the EIN for that same business later if needed.

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