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Can I File Another Extension On My Taxes

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More On Payment Options

How to file for a tax extension

The IRS has several tax payment options during the Coronavirus emergency for people who can’t pay in full. These include:

Online payment agreements are for individuals who owe $50,000 or less in income tax, penalties, and interest and who have filed all tax returns. To set up a payment agreement see how to apply online.

Installment agreements are for taxpayers who don’t qualify for the online payment agree or who chose not to use it. Use IRS Form 9465 Installment Agreement Request to file an application.

Offers in compromise are for taxpayers who qualify to settle their tax bill for less than the amount due. To see if you are eligible, use the Offer in Compromise Pre-Qualifier tool.

See this article about IRS Tax Payment Options for more payment options and details.

How And When To File An Extension On Business Taxes

If you cant complete the tax return for your business by the filing date, you can request an extension of time to file. This article discusses how and when to file, what form to use, and other important information about extensions.

An extension of time to file is not an extension on paying taxes due. Even if you file an extension application, you must pay taxes due by deadline, in order to avoid late-payment penalties and fines.

How Are Individuals Affected By The Tax Deadline Extension

The tax extension deadline generally applies to all calendar year tax-paying entities, including individuals, self-employed persons, and trusts and estates. The Treasury and IRS announced the deferment of filing your federal tax return as well as specific federal tax payments. This delay in payment comes interest- and penalty-free, for 90 days, until July 15, regardless of the amount owed.

Furthermore, anyone who needs to make quarterly estimated tax payments also has until July 15 to submit these payments. This means your 2020 tax year first and second quarter estimated tax payments, previously due on April 15 and June 15, are now both deferred until July 15.

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File An Extension No Matter What

If you can’t file by July 15, you should request an extension. A filing extension allows you to file by Oct. 15, but only if you formally request to do so. Keep in mind, however, that your taxes are still due in full by July 15, so any tax balance owed may accrue interest and/or penalties, even if a filing extension is requested. That’s why you should pay as much as you can by July 15, even if you can’t pay in full. Remember that these deadlines only apply to your federal taxes state tax filing deadlines may vary.

How to file an extension

  • If you prepare your taxes using tax filing software or via a tax-preparer, you’ll need to download and file IRS Form 4868 to formally request an extension. Individual tax filers may also request an extension via the IRS’ E-File service.
  • Estimate how much you owe in taxes. You don’t need to know the precise amount, but will need to submit an estimate of taxes owed when you file for an extension. Consider using a free tax estimate calculator to aid in the calculation.
  • Next, determine how much you can afford to pay now , and submit payment as soon as possible. Remember, anything owed after July 15 is subject to interest and penalties.
  • You may apply for an Installment Payment Plan if you cannot afford to pay any remaining balance in one lump sum. A short-term payment plan is free to set-up long-term plans carry a $31 set-up fee. Monthly payments can be made via debit or credit card, direct debit from your checking account, or money order.
  • Why Might A Tax Extension Request Be Rejected


    Nine times out of ten, if you file on time and fill out the form correctly, you should have no issue getting an extension.

    In most cases, applications are rejected for minor discrepancies that can easily be rectified. If it comes down to a misspelling or providing information that doesn’t corroborate with IRS records, the tax authority will usually give you a few days to sort out those errors and get the form filed againthis time accurately.

    The IRS tends to take less kindly to unrealistic tax liability estimates. If it disagrees with your figures, your application for an extension may be denied and you could even be hit with a penalty.

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    Nonresidents Military Partial Residents Residents With Out

    I am a resident of Missouri. Are the wages I earn in Missouri for remote work subject to Missouri withholding?

    Yes. Any time an employee is performing services in exchange for wages in Missouri, those wages are subject to Missouri withholding. This applies in the case of remote work where an employee is located in Missouri, and performs services for the employer on a remote basis. This rule also applies if the service for which the employee is receiving wages is standing down .

    I am a resident of Kansas. I am performing remote work at my residence in Kansas for a Missouri-based employer. Am I obligated to withhold Missouri tax from my wages?

    No. If a nonresident employee performs all of his or her services outside of Missouri, the wages paid to that employee are not subject to Missouri withholding.

    I am a nonresident with Missouri source income. Why am I required to include my non-Missouri source income on my return?

    If you begin with only Missouri source income, your deductions will be too high. You must begin your Missouri return with your total federal adjusted gross income, even if you have income from a state other than Missouri. Your deductions and exemptions apply to your total income, not just your Missouri source income.

    For more information, refer to the Resident/Nonresident and Military Status pages.

    If I am unable to file my return by the due date, can I get an extension?

    Get An Extension When You Make A Payment

    You can also get an extension by paying all or part of your estimated income tax due and indicate that the payment is for an extension using Direct Pay, the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System , or a . This way you wont have to file a separate extension form and you will receive a confirmation number for your records.

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    Does My Ira Contribution Deadline Get Extended As Well

    Contributions to Traditional and Roth IRAs for the prior year are due by the tax filing deadline regardless of whether or not you file for an extension. However, if you are a sole proprietor the deadline to contribute to a or SIMPLE IRA does get extended along with the tax filing if you file an extension.

    What Doesnt The Tax Deadline Extension Apply To

    How to File Tax Extension Online

    Remember that the federal governments May 17 income tax deadline extension only applies to your federal taxes. Most states have left their normal tax deadlines in place, but five states have later tax filing deadlines.

    Find your state governments tax agency website on the Federation of Tax Administrators list to learn more.

    2021 State Income Tax Deadlines
    Wyoming No state return necessary

    If you need even more time to complete your 2020 federal returns you can request an extension to Oct. 15 by filing Form 4868 through your tax professional, tax software or using the Free File link on Filing Form 4868 gives taxpayers until Oct. 15 to file their 2021 tax return but does not grant an extension of time to pay taxes due. Taxpayers should pay their federal income tax due by May 17, 2021, to avoid interest and penalties.

    If you mail in your return, it must be postmarked May 17 or sooner. Heres a tax refund schedule to give you an idea when to expect your refund after youve filed. If you cannot file your tax return by the deadline, you need to file for a tax extension by May 17, 2021.

    Its also important to note that the income tax refund schedule remains unchanged. This serves as an incentive for people to still file sooner rather than later.

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    Missed Tax Filing Deadline

    What should taxpayers do about a missed filing deadline? Anyone who did not request an extension by this years May 17 deadline or misses the October 15 extension date should file and pay as soon as possible. This will stop additional interest and penalties from accruing. See Filing Past Due Tax Returns for more information.

    The TAS website has additional information on the consequences of not filing.

    What Does A Tax Extension Not Do

    Dont overlook this: A tax extension doesnt give you more time to pay taxes you owe. If you owe on taxes and you need to file an extension, you must pay when you file your extension. Otherwise, youll also have to pay interest and late penalties.

    Yeah, that can be a little confusing. If you havent filed your taxes and you need to file an extension, how do you know how much you owe?

    Luckily, the IRS makes this easy. You can figure out how much you owe with their online tool at Once you figure out what you owe, send your payment with your tax extension form.

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    Why Should I File A Tax Extension

    • You’ve got a few things left to organize before you can file
    • A sudden change in your life that needs your full attention
    • You’re still waiting for tax forms or documents
    • Your W-2 or other forms need to be replaced
    • Extreme weather or another event delays your tax filing
    • Filing later has tax planning advantages
    • You want to avoid late filing penalties

    Can’t Recharacterize An Ira Contribution

    IRS grants tax extension to Boston Marathon bombing victims

    You were able to change the nature of your IRA by the October extended deadline before the enactment of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as long as your IRA was funded by the April deadline. You could essentially turn your traditional IRA contribution into a Roth IRA, or vice versa, or even use this provision to recharacterize a Roth conversion back to a traditional IRA.

    Unfortunately, conversions made after this date cannot be recharacterized under the TCJA as of January 1, 2018.

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    Serving In A Combat Zone

    The deadline for filing your tax return and paying your tax is automatically extended if you serve in a combat zone. There’s a two-step process for figuring the length of this type of tax extension. First, your deadline is extended for 180 days after the last day you’re in a combat zone, have qualifying service outside of the combat zone, or serve in a contingency operation, or the last day of any continuous hospitalization for an injury from service in the combat zone. Use whichever of these two dates is the latest.

    Second, your deadline also is extended beyond 180 days by the number of days you had left to take action with the IRS when you entered the combat zone. For example, this year you have 4½ months to file your tax return. Any days left in this period when you entered the combat zone are added to the 180 days.

    This tax extension isn’t just for military personnel, either. It can be claimed by merchant marines on ships under the Department of Defense’s control, Red Cross personnel, war correspondents and civilians supporting the military.

    Tax Deadline Extension: What Is Extended For 2021

    The IRS gave residents and businesses of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana extra time because a severe mid-February winter storm left millions without power and water.

    On March 17, 2021, the IRS officially extended the federal income tax filing deadline from April 15 to May 17. That means taxpayers who owe money dont need to file a tax return until this date, and if they owe money they dont need to make payments until then.

    This extension applies to all filers, including individuals, businesses, trusts, estates and more. It applies regardless of the amount you might owe, and payments will not incur additional penalties or interest up until May 17. This extension is automatic, meaning taxpayers do not need to file any additional forms to take advantage of it.

    The May 17 extension could provide some significant benefits for taxpayers looking to save for retirement through an IRA. Thats because the normal April 15 income tax deadline is also the IRA contribution deadline. In turn, the new May 17 due date would simultaneously push back the 2019 IRA contribution deadline.

    For reference, the 2020 standard IRA contribution limit is still $6,000, or $7,000 if you are 50 or older. If youve already maxed out your contribution for the 2020 tax year, you can contribute toward the 2021 tax year, for which the limit is also $6,000.

    This extension does not apply to 401 retirement savings accounts.

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    Your Tax Situation Is Really Complicated And You Just Need More Time

    Itemizing tax deductions or owning a small business can make your tax filing really difficult. In that case, pushing the deadline to October can prevent you from rushing through your taxes and making dumb mistakes.

    But listen: If your tax situation is that complicated, you should work with a pro. What may take you days or weeks to do can take a pro far less time.

    If You Can’t Wrap Up Your Tax Return By Today’s Deadline It’s Easy To Buy Yourself More Time With A Tax Extension

    Can I file an extension for my state taxes? Are utilities waiving late fees? Coronavirus Q& A

    Today is the last day of this year’s longer-than-usual tax filing season. The due date for filing your 2020 tax return was pushed back from April 15 to May 17, 2021, which means you only have a few hours left to beat the clock and file your return before the new deadline expires. But what if, for whatever reason, you just can’t file your return on time? Don’t panic it’s easy to get an automatic tax extension so that you don’t have to file your return until October 15. You don’t even need to have a good excuse or explain why you need more time.

    Be warned, though, that an extension to file doesn’t extend the time to pay any tax due. If you don’t pay your estimated tax due by midnight tonight, the IRS will charge you interest on the unpaid balance . They can also tack on additional penalties for filing and paying late. Don’t get caught in that trap!

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    The Power Of The Extension

    Obviously, a tax extension extends your time to file your tax return. You get a whole six additional months to gather documentation and fill out all the forms. Thats a lot of time, but it can slide by quickly. Youd better make good use of it. Just make sure you send in Form 4868 by the original tax deadline, but preferably as early as possible — the moment you know you arent going to make Tax Day.

    So, you filed for your tax extension, and you get six more months to file. Guess what you dont get. You dont get an extension on paying your taxes. Thats right. Payment is still due April 15. If you dont pay then, anything left starts accruing interest. If you dont pay any at all or make a plan to pay, you also get hit with a failure to pay penalty.

    Oh, and if you didnt file for an extension and just let Tax Day blow by, you get a failure to file penalty, which is much harsher, believe it or not, than the one for failure to pay. By the way, there is no failure to file penalty if you are owed a refund. But, if you dont file, you wont get the refund. Fail to file for more than three years, and you can kiss that refund goodbye.

    How Do I Apply For An Extension To File My Nc Income Tax Return If I Did Not Receive An Automatic Extension To File My Federal Individual Income Tax Return

    If you did not receive an automatic state extension to file your N.C. individual income tax return, you may still request an extension of time to file your return by filing Form D-410, Application for Extension for Filing Individual Income Tax Return, by the original due date of the N.C. tax return.

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    More Time To File Not More Time To Pay

    Its important to remember that the Form 4868 extension gives you more time to file, not more time to pay. You will still have to pay your taxes by that year’s original due date, even if the IRS grants an extension to file later.

    If you think you may owe taxes when it comes time to file your return, you should estimate how much you will owe and subtract any taxes that you have already paid . If your estimate is on the high side and you end up overpaying, you will get a refund when you eventually file your return. You’ll also avoid potential penalties and interest accumulating, which is what can happen if you underestimate your taxes due.

    When you file Form 4868, youll need to pay the estimated income tax you owe. Sometimes it’s better to be overly generousyoull get refunded anyway and underestimates increase the risk of paying interest on money owed.

    You can pay part or all of your estimated income tax online using a debit or credit card or through an electronic funds transfer using Direct Pay. It’s also possible to mail a check or money order to make your tax payment, even if you file electronically. Make the check or money order payable to United States Treasury and include a completed Form 4868 to use as a voucher.

    You do not need to file a paper Form 4868 if you submitted one electronically and are not mailing a payment.

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