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Where To Get Your Taxes Done

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Free Tax Prep For Students

How to get your taxes done for free

Students who have basic tax filings can usually do their taxes using free online tax prep services, such as IRS Free File. However, many universities participate in the federal VITA program and help students with free tax assistance. Check with your school first to see whether it will offer free tax help. If not, check out these resources:


Whether you go to a free site or the IRS offices, make sure to bring:

  • Any tax forms from your employer
  • ID, that is current government-issued photo identification
  • Social Security cards for members of your household, including spouse and dependents
  • Any IRS letters or notices you got about the Child Tax Credit or stimulus payments. Note: The Child Tax Credit was raised in 2021 to $3,600 per child, up from $2,000, but only for that one year.
  • For the Advance Child Tax Credit, make sure to bring a copy of IRS notice 6419.
  • For the Stimulus Payment, make sure to bring a copy of IRS Letter 6475.

How To Negotiate A Fair Price

Call various tax preparation firms and get a feel for their price ranges if you’re searching for the lowest price. The business might not be able to give you an exact price quote, but they should be able to quote you either an average price or a price range for your tax situation.

Some firms might charge additional fees during their busiest days, like the weeks right after W-2 forms are mailed out or just before the April tax filing deadline. You might be able to obtain a lower price quote during a less hectic time of the tax season.

Not Every Tax Situation Can Be Handled

VITA and TCE volunteers are able to deal with many tax situations, but they typically cant prepare returns with significant investment income. While they can certainly handle bank interest, more complicated scenarios including returns with rental income may be referred to a paid tax professional.

In the same vein, these services are intended for individuals, not businesses. Business returns that need to account for inventory, depreciation and employee costs are outside the expertise of VITA volunteers. Its smart to check with your local site to make sure your situation can be accommodated.

The IRS insists that every return handled by these programs be reviewed by at least three people: the volunteer preparing the return, the taxpayer who signs the form and a separate quality control volunteer who double-checks the work.

To get started, visit the IRS website.

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Proof Of Your Identity And Tax Status

If someone else is doing your taxes, you will need to show them your drivers license or state ID. If you are married and filing a joint return, both you and your spouse need to be there while the person is doing your taxes. You and your spouse need to sign the return before it’s filed.

If you are doing your taxes yourself, you need Social Security numbers or Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers for yourself, your spouse, and your dependents.

Where Can You Find A Trustworthy Tax Advisor

Where to Get Your Taxes Done in 2018 (The 3 Best Places ...

Think of the cost of tax preparation like the cost of getting a haircutyou can get a simple haircut for a very low price. Sure, it may not be the best haircut youve ever had, but for $10, you cant complain.

Now, if you want to use a skillful stylistsomeone who puts a warm towel on the back of your neck, massages your scalp, gives you a great haircut and fully styles it before you walk outyou have to pay more.

The same goes for tax advisors. If you pay around $220, youll probably get an average tax preparer who may or may not help you get all the deductions you deserve. But for a little bit more, you can get a trustworthy tax advisor who cares about your situation, helps you understand tax changes, and ensures you get the maximum refund back this year.

If youd like to find a tax advisor, we can put you in touch with a professional in your area whos earned our seal of trust. Find a tax pro now!

Interested in becoming an Endorsed Local Provider? Let us know.

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Ask For A Preparer Tax Identification Number

The IRS requires anyone who prepares or assists in preparing federal tax returns for compensation to have a PTIN. Note the phrase for compensation volunteer tax preparers dont need PTINs. Make sure your income tax preparer puts his or her PTIN number on your return the IRS requires that, too.

» Find a local tax preparer for free:See who’s available to help with your taxes in your area

Retail Tax Prep Splits The Difference

Right down the middle is the retail tax preparationthe places where you see the dancing Statue of Liberty outside. This option generally costs less than a CPA but more than DIY tax software, and it offers the middle ground in terms of professional support, as well.

Retail tax prep is there to serve the client who wants a bit of help but doesnt want to pay a premium practitioner on an ongoing basis. If you dont have tax questions throughout the year, but still feel a little overwhelmed by tax preparation, the retail option could be the best choice for you.

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Free Tax Return Preparation For Qualifying Taxpayers

  • Tax Exempt Bonds
  • The IRS’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Tax Counseling for the Elderly programs offer free basic tax return preparation to qualified individuals.

    The VITA program has operated for over 50 years. VITA sites offer free tax help to people who need assistance in preparing their own tax returns, including:

    • People who generally make $58,000 or less
    • Persons with disabilities and
    • Limited English-speaking taxpayers

    In addition to VITA, the TCE program offers free tax help, particularly for those who are 60 years of age and older, specializing in questions about pensions and retirement-related issues unique to seniors.

    While the IRS manages the VITA and TCE programs, the VITA/TCE sites are operated by IRS partners and staffed by volunteers who want to make a difference in their communities. The IRS-certified volunteers who provide tax counseling are often retired individuals associated with non-profit organizations that receive grants from the IRS.

    Best For Ease Of Use: Jackson Hewitt

    How To Get Your Taxes Done For Free | CNBC

    Jackson Hewitt

    • Minimum tax preparation fee of $150 for federal returns

    • Pricing not clear and transparent on website

    Jackson Hewitt makes tax preparation easy with several options to file either online or through a network of 6,000 locations, giving it the win for ease of use. If you want to have your taxes done while you shop for groceries, you may want to use one of the 3,000 locations inside of Walmart stores. Many locations have evening and weekend hours, so you can have your taxes done on a schedule that works for you.

    For in-person tax prep, you can start by uploading your tax forms through the Jackson Hewitt website. You can even use your phones camera to take a photo and upload forms. If uploading proves to be problematic for you, head to a Jackson Hewitt location to drop off your tax documents and return later for your full tax review session. In-person meetings can be done by appointment or as a walk-in. Prices depend on how many forms are required to complete your return.

    The company has recently launched a new year-round feature, Jackson Hewitt Tax Resolution Services, which serves customers in 42 states and can help with issues including back taxes, tax notices, and property liens. It comes with a free consultation and plans that cost $399 or $1,000-$5,000, depending on the level of service you prefer.

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    Temple Universitys Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

    Temples VITA program is a free tax preparation service. Due to COVID, Temple is operating virtually this year, said Steven Balsam, professor at Temples Fox School of Business.

    Operating virtually does not take the client out of the process, as we use Zoom or call the client as we walk though their returns, Balsam said.

    Eligibility: You must make less than $57,414 a year, not own your own business, not own rental property, and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

    The online program offers three options to send Temple your tax documents. For more information, contact Temples VITA program at 215-326-9519 or .

    • Online: To file with Temples VITA program online

    • In-person: To drop off your tax documents in-person, visit 1509 Cecil B. Moore Ave, Room 214 . Open Monday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday from noon to 5 p.m. or Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    • : Send documents to Temple University VITA program, Fox School of Business, Department of Accounting, Alter Hall Room 403A, 1801 Liacouras Walk, Philadelphia, Pa. 19122. Temple will contact you when it receives your information. If you havent heard from the program within a week, call 215-326-9519 or email .

    How We Chose The Best Tax Preparation Services

    To pick the best tax preparation services, we looked at 11 different tax services and narrowed down the list based on pricing, services offered, reputation, and the number of locations available for in-person tax preparation, if applicable.

    Lower-priced tax services earned higher marks, though higher pricing was justified in some categories for specific types of service or higher levels of service. The winning tax preparation companies offered services that would appeal to a wide range of needs with competitive, reasonable pricing. The winning services demonstrate notable expertise within the specific categories reviewed.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Taxes Done

    7 Minute Read | January 14, 2022

    You cant run from them. You cant hide from them. But you can get someone else to do them.

    Yep, were talking about taxes.

    For those of us who would like to spend our weekends at the park with the kids or, honestly, anywhere else but at a desk with tax forms and schedules, finding a tax advisor may be our only hope this tax season.

    How much does it cost to have a professional do your taxes? Lets take a closer look and find out.

    What To Do In The Event Of Dispute

    Get Your Taxes Done for Free

    Inevitably, clients and tax accountants might disagree over the appropriate price of tax preparation services. Treasury Department regulations protect you in fee disputes. You’re entitled to receive your original tax documents back from the accountant even if you haven’t paid the fee.

    Accountants can keep any forms, schedules, and documents that they’ve preparedthey don’t have to turn these over to you without compensation.

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    How Do I Choose The Right Tax Preparation Method

    If you dont feel comfortable using tax software or just want live support, free in-person or virtual tax preparation is your best option. You may be able to find tax support from your local free tax site or Code for Americas Get Your Refund service.

    If you feel comfortable filing your taxes with minimal support, free online filing services like MyFreeTaxes or Free File Alliance may provide what you need.

    If you have self-employment income or make more money than the income limits for certain free tax filing programs, you can find a paid tax preparer or paid tax software. For paid tax software, use NerdWallets best tax software chart to compare options and find the best choice for your specific tax situation.

    If you prefer in-person paid assistance, make sure to research your options first. Unfortunately, the tax industry is not regulated, so be careful when looking for assistance. Although many paid preparers are honest, some preparers take advantage of their clients by not disclosing their fees or offering refund anticipation products.

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    Average Price To File Taxes

    Prices to file taxes can be all over the map because everyones situation is so different. Ive put together some averages based on reliable sources that should give you an idea of what to expect when you go to file.

    • Do-It-Yourself Tax Software: Most people who dont itemize their taxes should be able to get away with a completely free federal and state tax return. For those who itemize, the average price to file will be around $40 per return . For those who have a business, rental property, or other investments to report, the average price is going to be around $75 per return.
    • Full-Time Tax Pros : According to the National Society of Accountants, it will run you an average of $294 per return to work with a CPA. That nearly $300 price tag is for an itemized 1040 filing with state tax return. An unitemized 1040 with a state tax return will only set you back $188. When I used to prepare taxes, I didnt charge this much . However, that was over ten years ago, so pricing has likely adjusted since then.
    • Retail Tax Prep Offices : CBS news reported that The average fee at the national tax service firms H& R Block and Liberty Tax Service is $147 per return and $191 per return, respectively.

    Can I File My Taxes Online For Free

    Get your taxes done for free through this program in Milwaukee

    In Canada, TurboTax makes it simple for anyone with any tax situation to file their taxes for free. These are just a few of the tax situations you could have and use TurboTax Free to file your taxes with the CRA:

    • Youre working for an employer and/or are self employed
    • Youre a student looking to claim tuition, education, and textbook amounts
    • You were unemployed for part or all of 2020, including if you claimed CERB
    • Your tax situation was impacted by COVID-19, including if you had to work from home and want to claim related expenses
    • You have dependants and want to ensure you claim all related credits and deductions
    • Youre retired and receive a pension
    • You have medical expenses to claim, including amounts related to COVID-19
    • Its your first time filing your taxes in Canada

    There are a few situations where youll need to print and mail your return instead of filing online using NETFILE. Dont worry though, you can still enter all your tax info online and well guide you through the process of mailing your return to the CRA.

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    How Do I File My Taxes Online

    Filing your taxes with TurboTax Free is quick and easy. First youll be asked to set up a profile and follow a simple process to find all the credits and deductions youre entitled to. With the CRAs Auto-fill my return, you can also import your tax info directly from the CRA. This service pulls info from your income slips , government benefit slips, RRSP receipts, and unused tuition credits. All the relevant info will be populated from these forms into your tax return saving you time and effort.

    If you decide not to use CRAs Auto-fill my return service, or if you have additional info to enter that isnt captured through the import, you can find all the forms you need quickly and easily through TurboTaxs search feature.

    You can also easily look for all the credits and deductions that apply to you using the search bar in TurboTax Free. If youre not sure where to start, heres a list of common credits, deductions, and expenses you may be eligible for:

    Once youve entered all your info for the year and youre ready to file, our software will guide you through the steps to NETFILE your return online or print and mail your return. Well also give you step-by-step instructions on how to pay the CRA if you owe taxes.

    Best Online Experience: Turbotax Live

    TurboTax Live

    • Self-employed taxes with one or more state can become expensive

    • No option for in-person support

    • Not all professional preparers are CPAs

    TurboTax is perhaps best known as the largest provider of online tax preparation software and regularly ranks at the top of do-it-yourself tax program lists, but it also has a service where a tax professional takes care of everything for you online. It doesn’t matter where you are in the online process, if you’ve begun your return and find you need help, TurboTax Live can be elected and you can hand the return off at any time.

    For the full-service TurboTax Live option, pricing ranges from $130 for basic returns to $290 for complex returns, with an additional fee for state taxes and multiple forms. To upgrade from the software, the cost starts at $100 and goes up to $260 for complex returns. This is in addition to the software costs, which range from $0 to $120.

    Because its completely online, TurboTax is best for tax filers who are more comfortable with computers and technology. That also means there is no drop-off option. However, if you are a digital native, TurboTax offers the most seamless, easy-to-navigate digital experience with pricing competitive to other tax preparation services.

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