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Are Gifts To 529 Plans Tax Deductible

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Taxable Portion Of A Distribution

Gifting: How to Leverage 529 Education Plans

The part of a distribution representing the amount paid or contributed to a qualified tuition program doesnt have to be included as income. This is a return of the investment in the plan.

The designated Beneficiary generally doesnt have to include in income any earnings distributed from a qualified tuition program if the total distribution is less than or equal to adjusted qualified education expenses.

To determine if your total distributions for the year are greater or less than the amount of qualified education expenses, you must compare the total of all qualified tuition program distributions for the tax year to the adjusted qualified education expenses. Adjusted qualified education expenses are the total qualified education expenses reduced by any tax-free educational assistance. Tax-free educational assistance includes: the tax-free part of scholarships and fellowship grants veterans educational assistance the tax-free part of Pell grants employer-provided educational assistance and any other non-taxable payments received as educational assistance.

Tax Benefits For Each State

In some states, contributions to any states 529 plan are eligible for a state income tax advantage. Out-of-state investors are not required to choose their home state plan to get the benefit but can select any states 529 plan, including the low-cost NEST 529.

NEBRASKA with the NEST Direct College Savings Plan taxpayers can deduct up to $10,000 in contributions from their Nebraska taxable income each year .2

Before investing, investors should consider whether their or their beneficiarys home state offers any state tax or other state benefits such as scholarship funds, financial aid, and protection from creditors that are only available for investments in such states qualified tuition program. Investors should also consult their tax advisor, attorney, or other advisor regarding their specific legal, investment, or tax situation.

Tax-Parity States include: Arizona, Montana, Minnesota, Kansas City, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Florida

States that offer tax benefits for contributions to any states 529 plan.

Tax-Neutral States include: Alaska, California, Nevada, Washington, Wyoming, South Dakota, Texas, Hawaii, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, Delaware, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine

States without state income taxes or other state benefits for investing in that states 529 plan.

States where income tax benefits are only available for those who pay income tax in that state and own, or contribute to, that states 529 plan.

Unintended Gift Taxes And The Gst

Rollovers and beneficiary changes can have unintended gift tax consequences to a 529 beneficiary even though he or she doesnt have control over the account. For example, if the new beneficiary is one generation below the old beneficiary , the transaction is treated as a taxable gift made by the old beneficiary to the new. In other words, the child would be deemed to have made a gift to the grandchild. Generation-skipping rules apply when the new beneficiary is two or more generations below the old beneficiary . If rollovers or beneficiary changes result in a taxable gift, the old beneficiary has the option to make the five-year election.

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Lifetime Gift And Estate Tax Exemption

Even if you exceed the $15,000 annual gift tax exclusion amount, it is not likely that you will have to pay the gift tax. Any amount above the annual exclusion will have to be reported on Form 709 and will count against your lifetime gift and estate tax exemption. Your total lifetime gifts beyond annual exclusion amounts must exceed your lifetime exemption before you are subject to the gift tax. In 2021, the lifetime gift and estate tax exemption is $11.7 million. This obviously is not a concern for most gift givers.

Packaging A 529 Plan Gift

Do 529 Plans Have Annual Contribution Limits? in 2021 ...

529 plan gifts are essentially a gift of cash, whichlets be honestisnt the most exciting thing to open. You can dress up your contribution by:

  • Choosing 529 plan printable gift certificates. Some vendors offer the gift-giver the ability to create downloadable or electronic gift certificates to acknowledge the contribution. This is a common 529 plan feature.
  • Buying physical gift cards. offers physical gift cards that can be ordered online or bought in person at over 3,000 retail locations.
  • Adding a toy. Send or deliver a printable gift certificate or gift card along with a small age-appropriate gift, but dont feel the need to spend more than about $20.

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Save Money On Taxesspend It On Tuition

Simple, right? The Plan offers several tax advantages that can help you save more for college, including:

  • A special DC tax deduction. DC taxpayers can deduct up to $8,000 for married couples filing jointly, who have separate accounts, when they contribute to their DC College Savings Plan account.1
  • Tax-deferred growth. Earnings grow tax deferred from federal and District taxes.
  • Tax-free distributions. Distributions for qualified expenses are exempt from federal and District tax.2
  • Gift-tax benefits. Contributions qualify for the current federal $16,000 annual gift exclusion.
  • Estate planning benefits. Reduce your personal taxable estate by making five years’ worth of gifts in one lump sum.3

1Contributions by DC taxpayers in excess of the annual limit may carry forward the excess of five years and may be deducted in future years on their DC tax return. If a participant makes a non-qualified withdrawal or a transfer/rollover to another states program within two years of opening the account, the amount of the deduction is recaptured and must be included in the participant’s District of Columbia income.

2Earnings on non-qualified withdrawals may be subject to federal income tax and a 10% federal penalty tax, as well as state and local income taxes and recapture of DC tax deductions. Tax and other benefits are contingent on meeting other requirements and certain withdrawals are subject to federal, state, and local taxes.

Many States Have 529 Tax Deductions For Contributions

Although you cant receive 529 tax benefits on your federal income tax return, you might be able to on your state tax return.

More than 30 states, plus the District of Columbia, offer a 529 tax deduction or credit, allowing you to write off 529 contributions and lower your state income tax burden. That can free up more money to save for your childs education.

Deductions vary by state, and some are more generous than others. Indiana, for example, offers a 529 tax credit equal to 20% of contributions up to $5,000, which means a maximum credit of $1,000. Vermont provides a 10% tax credit for contributions up to $2,500 with a maximum $250 credit per taxpayer for each beneficiary.

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Can You Get A Federal 529 Tax Deduction

The Internal Revenue Code offers several tax benefits to 529 savers, including the previously mentioned tax-deferred growth and tax-free withdrawals for qualified education expenses. But currently, there is no federal 529 tax deduction available. There, are, however, some other tax breaks associated with education expenses that you may be eligible for. For instance, the student loan interest deduction allows you to deduct interest paid toward eligible student loans. You can claim this deduction even if you dont itemize on Schedule A but you must be within certain income thresholds to qualify. The maximum deduction allowed is $2,500.

The American Opportunity Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit can also help reduce your tax liability if you paid out-of-pocket higher education costs. While a tax deduction reduces your taxable income for the year, tax credits reduce what you owe in taxes on a dollar-for-dollar basis. One thing to note is that the IRS doesnt allow you to claim both of these credits for the same expenses in any given tax year.

The federal CARES Act also provides another tax benefit, albeit somewhat indirectly. As part of the Act, employers can offer up to $5,250 in nontaxable benefits to help employees repay their student loan debt or pay tuition costs. This provision is good through January 2026.

Who Can Open An Account

The Top Tips, Tricks, And Hacks For Using A 529 Plan Effectively

Any U.S. resident can open a New Yorks 529 College Savings Account. You do not have to be a New York state tax payer or resident.

Moreover, you do not need any knowledge of mutual funds. Vanguard Inc. and Ascensus Broker Dealer offer several easy-to-digest investment options for you to choose from. The age-based investment path is one that stands out, but you do not have to choose it if you dont want to.

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Quantifying The 529 Tax Break

529 plans are relatively young, however, and both the costs to the federal government and the benefits to affluent families are likely to rise, assuming no change in policy. To estimate distributional impacts, we estimate the value of the federal subsidy for married parents with two children on different rungs of the income ladders. Specifically, we look at families living at the:

  • Federal poverty line
  • Bottom of the top quintile 5 and
  • Top of the distribution and maxing out 529 benefits.
  • Family at 100 percent of federal poverty line

    In 2016, the federal poverty line for a family of four was $24,300 a year.6 Among the very small proportion of such families saving into 529 plans, the typical amount is just $495 a year, according to a survey conducted by Sallie Mae.7 Although in practice savings tend to increase with the childs age, we assume a consistent annual contribution throughout the childhood of the beneficiaries. We also assume the investments are in a stock portfolio, with an annual return of 6 percent, a reasonable rate according to Vanguard data.8

    Family making national median income

    The just upper-middle class family

    The rich super-saver family

    Plan State Income Tax Benefits

    Over 30 states, including the District of Columbia, currently offer a state income tax credit or deduction up to a certain amount. For example, contributions to a New York 529 plan of up to $5,000 per year by an individual or $10,000 per year by a married couple filing jointly are deductible in computing state income tax. But that doesnt mean New York parents are limited to contributing $10,000 to their 529 plan. If the couple chooses to take advantage of the annual gift tax exclusion and deposits $15,000 this year, the entire amount will grow federal tax-free, but only the first $10,000 may be deducted from their state taxable income.

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    Safeguarding Your Information And Online Transactions Strong Technologies And Technical Controls

    We use the following methods to help keep your online transactions and personal information safe and secure.

    Username and password requirements

    To help prevent unauthorized access, we prompt you to create a unique username and password when you first access your account. A password is a string of characters used to access information or a computer. Passwords help prevent unauthorized people from accessing files, programs, and other resources. When you create a password you should make it strong, which means it should be difficult to guess or crack. See below for hints in creating a password that would be difficult to crack.

    A Strong Password

    • Minimum of eight characters long
    • Includes numbers, symbols, upper-case and lower-case letters
    • Does not contain your username, real name or company name
    • Does not contain a dictionary word
    • Is significantly different from the previous passwords

    Image verification during login

    Before you enter your online password, we ask that you verify your personalized security image. This image would be one that you selected during the creation of your web account. Once the image you have selected is displayed, you can be confident that you are accessing our website, as opposed to a fake site that may be attempting to “phish” for your personal information. If you ever log in and do not see the image you’ve selected or the image is incorrect, STOP, do not input your password. Please immediately report this to your plan’s customer service team.


    Next Steps To Consider

    529 College Savings Plan Gifting

    Fast facts: Tuition costs of colleges and universities2018 College Savings Indicator Survey

    Please carefully consider the plan’s investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses before investing. For this and other information on any 529 college savings plan managed by Fidelity, contact Fidelity for a free Fact Kit, or view one online. Read it carefully before you invest or send money.

    The UNIQUE College Investing Plan, U.Fund College Investing Plan, DE529 Education Savings Plan, AZ529, Arizona’s Education Savings Plan, and the Connecticut Higher Education Trust 529 College Savings Plan – Direct Plan are offered by the state of New Hampshire, MEFA, the state of Delaware, and the state of Arizona with the Arizona State Treasurer’s Office as the Plan Administrator and the Arizona State Board of Investment as Plan Trustee, and the Treasurer of the state of Connecticut respectively, and managed by Fidelity Investments.

    If you or the designated beneficiary is not a New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Delaware, Arizona or Connecticut resident, you may want to consider, before investing, whether your state or the beneficiary’s home state offers its residents a plan with alternate state tax advantages or other state benefitssuch as financial aid, scholarship funds and protection from creditors.

    Units of the portfolios are municipal securities and may be subject to market volatility and fluctuation.

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    Lifetime Gift Tax Exemption Amount

    Does this mean if you contribute more than $15,000 in one year or $75,000 over five years youll have to pay gift tax? Not necessarily. As mentioned above, any gifts above the annual exclusion amounts will have to be reported on the federal tax Form 709, and these will be counted against the $11.7 million lifetime gift tax exclusion. Any amounts that exceed the exclusion could trigger gift taxes of up to 40%, but individuals within the $11.7 million limit will not be subject to gift taxes.

    Qualified Higher Education Expenses

    These are expenses related to enrollment or attendance at an eligible postsecondary school. As shown in the following list, to be qualified, some of the expenses must be required by the school and some must be incurred by students who are enrolled at least half-time, defined later.

  • The following expenses must be required for enrollment or attendance of a designated beneficiary at an eligible postsecondary school.
  • Tuition and fees.
  • Books, supplies, and equipment.
  • Expenses for special needs services needed by a special needs beneficiary must be incurred in connection with enrollment or attendance at an eligible postsecondary school.
  • Expenses for room and board must be incurred by students who are enrolled at least half-time. The expense for room and board qualifies only to the extent that it isnt more than the greater of the following two amounts.
  • The allowance for room and board, as determined by the school, that was included in the cost of attendance for a particular academic period and living arrangement of the student.
  • The actual amount charged if the student is residing in housing owned or operated by the school.

    You may need to contact the eligible educational institution for qualified room and board costs.

  • The purchase of computer or peripheral equipment, computer software, or Internet access and related services, if its to be used primarily by the beneficiary during any of the years the beneficiary is enrolled at an eligible postsecondary school.
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    Contribution Limits And Options

    There are no federal contribution limits when it comes to 529 plans. Instead, limits vary by state, reaching up to $300,000 or more.

    More than 30 states also offer tax deductions or credits on 529 contributions.

    You can contribute to a 529 account over time, much like a 401, or you can front-load one. However, contributions may be subject to the gift taxes . As an alternative, grandparents can contribute to a 529 account owned by a parent.

    Are There Gift And Estate Tax Benefits For 529 Plans

    Edvest 2020 Holiday Gifting

    The gift and estate tax treatment of an investment in a 529 plan is a good news, bad news situation.

    The bad news is that your contribution is treated as a gift to the named beneficiary for gift tax and generation-skipping transfer tax purposes and so you need to be aware of this exposure particularly if you are making other gifts to the beneficiary during the same year.

    The good news is that your contribution qualifies for the $16,000 annual gift tax exclusion and so most people can make fairly large contributions without incurring the gift tax.

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    Is Contributing To A 529 College Savings Plan Worth It

    If you dont get a federal or state tax deduction for 529 plan contributions, you may be wondering whether its even worth your time to open one. While missing out on a deduction for contributions isnt that great, the other tax benefits you can enjoy can make up for it. Tax-deferred growth and tax-free withdrawals can be a great incentive to save in a 529 plan versus parking money in a regular savings account or CDs.

    When opening a 529 college savings plan, be sure to compare your states plan against those offered by other states. Specifically, consider the range of investment options offered, lifetime and annual contribution limits and any fees the plan may charge to find the one thats the best fit for your needs.

    Small Amounts Can Add Up

    The great thing is that gifts to your 529 dont have to cost a lot of money. Theres no minimum and every dollar helps. If 5 friends give $20 each for the first 10 birthdays of your child’s life, that adds up to $100 a year. It’s $1,000 over the course of a decadeplus any potential compounding investment returns that come with it.

    If your 529 account is with Fidelity, you can create and share a link to your childs personalized gift page with family and friends. From there, they can easily gift money online using an electronic check if they want to contribute. You can edit your gift page and track the gifts you’ve received from your private dashboard.

    As the account owner, only you can access your dashboard, so your account information is kept private.

    Consider this hypothetical illustration showing the power of gifting over time.

    Gifts can supercharge your college savings

    Local and state taxes, inflation, fees, and/or expenses were not taken into account. If they had been deducted, performance would have been lower. The hypothetical is not intended to predict or project the investment performance of any security.Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Your performance will vary and you may have a gain or a loss when you sell your units.

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