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How To Find Tax Identification Number

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What Is A Tax Identification Number / Tin

How to Find Your 11-Digit Sales Tax Taxpayer Number [Official]

A tax or taxpayer identification number, also known as a TIN for short, is a number issued to individuals and organizations to track tax obligations and payments they make to the Internal Revenue Service . It is issued by the federal government. A TIN can be assigned by the Social Security Administration for individuals, or by the IRS for businesses and other organizations.

How To Check Tin Online

  • May 13, 2021

How to Check TIN Online

A taxpayer identification number is a unique eight-digit number used to identify an individual, business, or other entity in tax returns and other documents filed with the tax Authority. A TIN is typically issued by the Federal Inland Revenue Services and it adopted as the unified tax identity for tax and other related transaction with all tiers of Government Agency .

Finance Acts 2020, equally makes the requirement for Tax Identification Number for companies mandatory under the new section 10 of the CITA. TIN is also made mandatory for opening of bank accounts and the operation of existing ones by account holders.

How to Check TIN Online

In order to check the availability and to verify the authenticity of your TIN, the first step is to log on to and use any of the following parameters to confirm:

Search using Tax Identification Number

  • Select Tax Identification Number on the Select Search Criteria Dropdown list below
  • Input your TIN in the Search value field, input the correct captcha image text and click on the search button

Search using CAC Registration Number

Search using Phone Number

  • Select Registered Phone Number on the Select Search Criteria Dropdown list below
  • Input your phone number in the Search value field, input the correct captcha image text and click on the search button

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How Do I Know If I Need A Tin

You need a TIN if you are authorized to work in the United States or if you plan to file taxes with the IRS. You’ll also need a TIN if you want to take advantage of benefits or services offered by the government. If you run a business or other organization, you’ll also need a TIN to run your day-to-day operations and to report your taxes.

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How To Get A Tax Id

You must register your address for the first time. Around 2 weeks later, you will get a tax ID by post1, 2. It will be a letter from the Bundeszentralamt für Steuern. It looks like this.

If you want your tax ID faster, go to the Finanzamt, and ask for it1, 2. You can do this a few days after you register your address. You don’t need an appointment.

If you are homeless, you can get a tax ID at your local Finanzamt.

If you registered your address before, you already have a tax ID. You just need to find it.

Ssn Where Can I Get It

4 Ways to Find a Federal Tax ID Number

In order to get an SSN, youll need to fill out an application form. This form is known as SS-5, and can be found at the SSAs forms page online. As well as this form, you should prepare to submit proof of identity, age, and U.S. citizenship or lawful alien status. If you need further information, you can read this article on applying for a personal taxpayer identification number.

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How To Generate Tin For Individuals

Individuals can apply on the JTB website with NIN or BVN or visit your nearest Federal Inland Revenue Service with Utility Bill, Valid ID and a Passport Photograph.

You can check online to see if you have an existing TIN by clicking here.

To verify TIN, search using your BVN or Registered Phone Number and your Date of Birth.

How To Generate TIN for Non individuals

Non Individuals such as can register for their TIN on the JTB website with Certificate of Incorporation and Directors BVN or NIN and a valid ID of Directors.

Your request will be verified and approved. TIN Certificate will be sent automatically to registered email or hard copy can be pick at FIRS Office.

However the foregoing, due to system integration issues between FIRS and JTB, both individual and Non individual registration done on JTB website, will have to be domesticated at nearest FIRS Office for validation and proper activation for major Government Agency operations such as Nigeria Customs, Central Bank of Nigeria and Standard Organisation of Nigeria

To know more about how to create your TIN or other Tax Management , kindly contact us at :

Comparison To Social Security Numbers

A social security number is a nine-digit number assigned to US citizens and permanent residents. It is used by the US government to track your earnings, taxes, and employment, as well as eligibility for certain social benefits after retirement. SSNs are considered sensitive information and can be used to perpetrate identity theft, thus they are only shared in limited situations, for example, with employers, government entities, insurance agencies, and banks. SSNs can be validated as to origin and state/year of issuance.

The EIN serves a similar administrative purpose as a SSN, but for a business entity rather than an individual person. In some cases, such as a sole proprietorship, an SSN may be used as a business Tax ID without applying for a separate EIN, but in order to hire employees or establish business credit, an EIN is required. Unlike a SSN, an EIN is not considered sensitive information and is freely distributed by many businesses by way of publications and the internet.

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What Is Tax Identification Number

Tax Identification Number is a unique number given to an individual, a registered business or incorporated companies for the purpose of tax payment. TIN as fondly called is generated by the Tax Authority for proper identification, order and ensuring that more people are brought to the tax net.

Usually, the number is issued by the Tax Authority, through Joint Tax Board portal online or via an application letter to the office of Federal Inland Revenue Services nearest to your location.s

How To Apply For Tax Identification Number

In line with Section 10, subsection 2 of CIT Acts, as amended in 2019 Finance Acts. Banks in Nigeria has been mandated to obtain Tax Identification Number from both Individual and Corporate Organisations, before an account can be open for them. The section equally requires Banks to ensure, all accounts opened prior to this Acts, provide such Tax Identification Number information as a precondition for the continued usage of their bank accounts

This is done to synchronize taxpayer banking and tax database with a view to improving tax compliance and ease of tax administration. This will also expand the tax net to capture more individuals and the informal sector

How To Find The Ein For Your Business

How Can I Get a Tax ID Number

More often than not, there will be an instance when you’re working through a business document or application, and you come upon a question asking for your EIN. What if you cant remember it? The three best places to find your business EIN are:

  • Your business tax return from a previous year
  • The original document of your receipt or the document you received from the IRS when you applied for your EIN
  • Your states business division website, if you registered your partnership, LLC, or corporation with your state

You could also look for your EIN on other business documents or applications, including:

  • A business bank account application
  • An application for a business loan
  • The application for a business credit card
  • A copy of a state or local license or tax permit
  • On a 1099-NEC form you received for your work as an independent contractor or freelancer
  • On the 1099-MISC form or 1099-NEC form that you used to report payments by your business

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Documents Required To Apply For Tin

Since TIN is furnished by various state governments, the documents required differ from state to state. However, there is a generic list of documents which is applicable to almost all states in the country when it comes to registration of TIN.

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address of business enterprise
  • PAN card of proprietor along with 4-6 passport sized photographs
  • Reference or Security

The above list of documents is subject to modification based on the state in which the application for TIN is being made.

Types Of Tax Id Numbers

A TIN is a generic term and refers to several different kinds of identifying numbers, which include:

  • A social security number issued to an individual
  • An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number , issued to non-U.S. citizens currently residing, and often working, in the U.S.
  • An Employer Identification Number issued to businesses and non-profit organizations
  • An Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number , for children in the process of being adopted from outside the U.S.
  • A Preparer Taxpayer Identification Number, to identify accountants and firms involved with tax document preparation

Small businesses require a TIN, in the form of an Employer Identification Number, in order to issue payroll and make tax payments. To apply for an EIN, the IRS requires you to complete a Form SS-4.

A TIN is required on all tax documents, such as quarterly or estimated payments and annual filings.

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Why Is Tin Required

TIN or Tax Identification Number is a unique number which is assigned to business enterprises by the Commercial Tax Department of the respective state in which the applicant has applied. TIN is applied for both sale and purchase of goods and services in a state or between different states. TIN number needs to be mandatorily registered for by the enterprises applying for VAT registrattion like the exporters, manufacturers, traders and dealers of goods and services.

Whether it is VAT, CST or TIN, only one identification number TIN is required to go smoothly through all transactions pertaining to these.

What Is My Tax Identification Number

4 Ways to Find a Federal Tax ID Number

A Tax Identification Number is an identification number thats used for tax purposes.

Most countries issue them to identify their taxpayers and to help with the administration of tax affairs.

TINs are different in every country. For example, in the UK, individuals have a National Insurance number, and companies have a Corporation Tax number.

NI and claiming UK EIS and SEIS tax reliefs

If youre a UK tax payer, you may be able to claim tax-relief through the UK Governments two tax relief schemes: Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme and Enterprise Investment Scheme .

Weve streamlined the tax documentation process for investors on Seedrs. So, we issue digital tax certificates that come complete with all the relevant information needed to make the claim on your UK Income Tax return.

Your tax certificates are digitally stored in your Seedrs account, where you can easily download them electronically when submitting your tax return.

UK taxpayers should note that tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in future. To learn more about how SEIS or EIS works, please read the online HMRC guidance or contact your professional tax advisor.

The majority of European individual tax identification numbers can be found here.

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How Do I Find An Ein

For a company, an EIN is similar to a social security number for an individual. As such, most companies keep their tax ID numbers private, so you probably won’t find it published on the company’s website. However, many documents require the number. If you’re an employee of a company, look in box B on your W-2 statement. If you’re an independent contractor, you can find this number in the Payer’s Federal Identification Number box on Form 1099.

If you’re an employee of a company and have been unable to find your company’s EIN, you may call or e-mail the Department of Revenue for your state. You’ll need to provide your employer’s legal company name and any additional required information.

If you have a valid reason to know a business’s EIN, you can simply call the business and ask for it. If you are dealing with a small company, you can speak with the company owner or your usual contact person. If you are dealing with a large company, get in touch with the accounts payable department if you need to send an invoice. If you’ve received an invoice from a company, contact that company’s accounts receivable department. This is usually the contact person whose name is printed on the invoice.

If you are providing a product or service to another company and would like to know whether that company qualifies for tax exemption, you can ask your customer for the number. In some situations, this number will appear on a state-issued certificate.

Option : Check Your Ein Confirmation Letter

The easiest way to find your EIN is to dig up your EIN confirmation letter. This is the original document the IRS issued when you first applied for your EIN. The letter will show your business tax ID and other identifying information for your business.

  • If you applied online for your EIN, the IRS would have issued your confirmation letter right away, accessible online. You would have also had the opportunity to choose receipt by traditional mail.

  • If you applied by fax, you would have received your confirmation letter by return fax.

  • If you applied by mail, you would have received your confirmation letter by return mail.

Your EIN confirmation letter is an important tax and business document, so ideally you stored it away with other key paperwork, such as your business bank account information and incorporation documents.

In this sample EIN confirmation letter, you can find your EIN at the top of the page, as well as in the first paragraph.

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How Long Does It Take To Get My Tin

Ordinarily, the TIN should be given instantly or at most by the next day, however, it appears that a number of the FIRS offices are struggling with backlogs, and so it is not uncommon for the process to drag on for about a week or in some instances 2 weeks.

Remember payment of tax is a civic duty. If you are doing business in Nigeria or intending to do business, you are expected to fulfill this necessary obligation and the first step in this is obtaining your TIN.

We hope you have found this information helpful. Please note that this information is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. No lawyer-client relationship is formed nor should any such relationship be implied. This answer is not intended to substitute for the advice of a qualified lawyer. If you require legal advice, please consult with a qualified lawyer.

The Tax Identification Number

How to Find and Use Your Business Tax ID

Germany is following the example of many of its neighbors in the European Union and modernizing its tax system. By introducing the tax identification number , the Federal Ministry of Finance and the federal government want to simplify the taxation procedure and have already reduced bureaucracy.

The IdNo will replace the tax number for income tax in the long term. It will be permanently valid and will not change, for example, after a move, a change of name due to marriage or a change in marital status. The IdNo is an 11-digit number that contains no information about you or the tax office responsible for your tax matters.

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Adoption Tax Identification Number

In the case of domestic adoption of children, if the adoptive parents are unable to obtain the childs Social Security Number for tax purposes, they can apply for an Adoption Tax Identification Number . Certain conditions must be met, such as the adoption has to be pending and the child should be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Use Melissa Database For Nonprofits

The Melissa Database provides free federal tax ID lookup for nonprofit organizations.

If you have a legitimate need to find the EIN for another business, then you can use one of these options to look up the number. Just be sure to keep your own EIN secure. Only share the number with a limited subset of peoplelenders, prospective suppliers, bankers, etc. You should guard your business’s EIN just like you would guard your social security number.

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Tax Identification Information In Other Eu Member States

The use of a common identifier for tax purposes is already widespread in the EU member states and also complies with OECD recommendations for the Taxpayer Identification Number . For example, according to a recent study by the OECD, Germany is one of the few states that has not yet used a number to identify taxpayers in the area of tax administration.

As a result, by introducing the IdNo, Germany is narrowing the gap to the standard used by the other industrial nations. The tax IdNo is a significant improvement in performing administrative duties in the international exchange of information in tax matters.

Without the use of a TIN, identification of people is in principle possible, but it is associated with considerable additional expense because name, address, date and place of birth must also be transmitted.

Germany may refrain in the future from providing this information, which until now has always had to be agreed on in international conventions.

What Is My Tin Finding Out Your Own Tax Number

4 Ways to Find a Federal Tax ID Number

The IRS have to process huge amounts of data from millions of different US citizens. Organizing this is a real challenge, not only because of the sheer volume of data to be processed, but also because identifying people can be quite tricky without the right system. For example, according to the Whitepages name William Smith has over 1,000 entries in the State of Alabama alone. Across the USA this number increases, and the likelihood is that some of these individuals will have the same date of birth, for example, which is often used to identify people. This means that there needs to be another system for keeping track of individuals for tax purposes in the US other than just their names: A taxpayer identification number serves this purpose.

A Taxpayer Identification Number is often abbreviated to TIN and is used by the Internal Revenue Service to identify individuals efficiently. Where you get your TIN, how it is structured, and whether a TIN is the right form of identification for your purposes sometimes seems like it isnt as straightforward as it should be. However, this guide will look at exactly these issues which should show that finding out this information can be as easy as 1,2,3. In this article, we want to concentrate on the tax number that you as an employee will need for your income tax return or the number that you as an employer require for invoicing, and well explain exactly where you can get these numbers.


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