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How Long Does It Take To Get Your Tax Refund

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How Long Does A Refund Take Your Guide To Getting Your Tax Refund With Etax

Here’s how long it will take to get your tax refund

OK, so your tax return is finished and Etax lodged it with the ATO for you. Now youre wondering how long it will take until you receive your hard-earned tax refund, right?

We know waiting for your tax refund is frustrating, and chances are its already on its way. However, it is important to bear in mind that sometimes there are delays at the ATO, especially in July.

Did you know, the ATO process the bulk of the nations finances during July? Thats pretty incredible when you think about it.

So, heres everything you need to know about the average waiting periods between ATO lodgement and your tax refund arriving in your bank account. Plus, a few reasons why it can take a little longer sometimes.

About Where’s My Refund

Use Where’s My Refund to check the status of individual income tax returns and amended individual income tax returns you’ve filed within the last year.

Be sure to use the same information used on your return: Social Security Number, Tax Year, and Refund Amount.

If you submitted your return electronically, please allow up to a week for your information to be entered into our system.

Undelivered Federal Tax Refund Checks

Refund checks are mailed to your last known address. If you move without notifying the IRS or the U.S. Postal Service , your refund check may be returned to the IRS.

If you were expecting a federal tax refund and did not receive it, check the IRS’Wheres My Refund page. You’ll need to enter your Social Security number, filing status, and the exact whole dollar amount of your refund. You may be prompted to change your address online.

You can also to check on the status of your refund. Wait times to speak with a representative can be long. But, you can avoid waiting by using the automated phone system. Follow the message prompts when you call.

If you move, submit a Change of Address – Form 8822 to the IRS you should also submit a Change of Address to the USPS.

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Other Ways To Check Your Tax Refund Status

On the off chance that you do not have access to the Internet or a PC, you can call the IRS at 800-829-1954 to get the status of your refund. You will require similar three snippets of data as the individuals who utilize the online instrument, so be certain you have a duplicate of your tax refund accessible.

As mentioned earlier, online platforms like TurboTax likewise have a Wheres My Refund Tracking step by step guide that will tell you the best way to discover the status of your IRS or state tax refund. Use TurboTax, IRS, and state assets to follow your tax refund, check the return status, and find out about regular postponements.

How The Irs Evaluates The Return

Where is my refund 2019: How long does it take IRS to process taxes?

Once your tax return reaches the IRS, an auditor confirms or questions the information you have provided, starting with the first section of the return. The auditor inspects the amount of money you claimed as income, which should accurately show every source of income you had over the course of the tax year.

If you are employed, you should have a form W-2 from each employer. This document contains the total wages the employer paid you during the preceding year.

If you are an independent contractor, you should have a W-9, which contains the same information. Copy all relevant earning and taxation information from these slips accurately on to your income tax return.

If you make a mistake entering information, the IRS must spend more time looking for the correction figures. Double-check your amounts before sending in your tax return to avoid this problem which extends the length of time you wait for your refund.

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What Does It Mean When My Tax Return Is Accepted

At the point when you get affirmation that the IRS acknowledged your return, it implies that they have assessed your return, and it has passed their underlying investigation. They check your own data and other essential things, as if your wards have just been asserted by another person. At that point they have a couple of days to endorse your discount. They will take a more thorough glance at your return and your set of experiences. After the IRS favors your return, they will support your refund, dependent on the timetable referenced previously.

Investigations Take Time And Your Tax Refund Might Follow Suit

If youve ever suffered from that sinking feeling after carefully preparing to e-file your taxes only to be told by the IRS website that you have, apparently, already filed a return, then youre not alone. Unfortunately, while the IRS continues to make significant progress in reducing tax identity theft , many of us are still affected by this hugely stressful occurrence.

The reason is that criminals will often have gotten hold of your Social Security number and subsequently use it to file a fake tax return in your name. The outcome is that they may be able to claim the tax refund that should have been coming your way. While you miss out on the money, youre also left with the resulting administrative mess to clear up.

Whats more, despite this situation, youll still be required to let the IRS know of the problem, although they may have contacted you already in some cases. On top of that, youll still need to file your genuine tax return. Finally, youll be back in the queue waiting for your tax refund if theres one due to be paid. Its a hassle, for sure.

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What Are State Tax Refunds And How To Check Them

As opposed to Federal income taxes, state income taxes are handled differently in each state. Depending on your state, it could take as little as a few days or as long as a few months for your state to process it.

Although there is no hard and fast rule, like federal tax returns, manual paper returns will take much longer to process than E-filed taxes. Fortunately, every state that levies an income tax provides an online method for checking the status of your state tax refund.

How To Check The Status Of Your Tax Return

How long do you need to wait for your tax refund?

You should be able to check IRS tax refund status roughly 24 hours after you receive confirmation from the IRS that they have received your tax refund via e-File. You will need to wait at least four weeks if you mailed in your tax return.

The best way to check the status of your federal tax refund is to visit the Wheres My Refund page at the IRS website.

What you will need:

  • Filing Status
  • Exact refund amount

You can also call the IRS at 1-800-829-1954 or 1-800-829-4477 or 1-800-829-1040 and inquire about your tax return status with an IRS customer service representative. Note that the IRS only updates tax return statuses once a day during the week, usually between midnight and 6 a.m. They do not update the status more than once a day, so checking throughout the day will not give you a different result.

Should I call the IRS to check my federal tax refund status?

The IRS has stated you should only call them if it has been:

  • 21 days or more since you e-filed
  • Six weeks or more since you mailed your return, or when
  • Wheres My Refund tells you to contact the IRS

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Tax Refund Schedule For Extensions And Amended Tax Returns

The refund schedule should be the same if you filed for a tax extension however, there is no official schedule for tax refunds for amended tax returns. The above list only includes dates for e-filing an original tax return. Amended tax returns are processed manually and often take eight-12 weeks to process. If you do not receive an amended tax return refund within eight weeks after you file it, then you should contact the IRS to check on the

I Have Checked The Status Of My Return And I Was Told There Is No Record Of My Return Being Received What Should I Do

Due to the late approval of the state budget, which included multiple tax law changes, the Department has experienced delays processing returns. If you filed your return electronically and received an acknowledgment, your return has been received but may not have started processing. Follow the guidance below based on your filing method:

Filed Electronically:

If its been more than six weeks since you received an acknowledgment email, please call 1-877-252-3052.

Filed Paper:

If its been more than 12 weeks since you mailed your original return, you can mail a duplicate return to NC Department of Revenue, P O Box 2628, Raleigh, NC 27602, Attn: Duplicate Returns. The word “Duplicate” should be written at the top of the return that you are mailing. The duplicate return must be an original printed form and not a photocopy and include another copy of all wages statements as provided with the original return.

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How Can I Check To See If My Individual Income Tax Return Has Been Processed And When My Refund Will Be Issued

The department has responded to increasing occurrences of tax fraud by implementing enhanced security measures to protect Louisiana taxpayers. This means it will take additional time to process refunds. The expected refund processing time for returns filed electronically is up to 45 days. For paper returns, taxpayers should expect to wait as long as 14 weeks. If you selected direct deposit for your refund, the funds should be deposited within one week of processing.

Once you have filed, you can check the status of your refund using the following methods:

With The Registered Tax Agent

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Tax Refund?

You can ask your registered tax agent to check the progress on your behalf.

If you use the online services of the ATO to check the progress of the tax return, you will come across the following statuses:

  • In Progress Processing: This status will appear at two processing stages.
  • The ATO has started processing the return.
  • The ATO has decided on your tax return and will issue a notice of assessment shortly.
  • In Progress Information Pending: It means the ATO has started gathering information to finish the process. The authority will contact you if they need further information.
  • In Progress Under Review: It indicates that the ATO reviews the tax return before finalising something. At this stage, they may also review tax returns of previous years.
  • In Progress Balancing Account: At this stage, the ATO calculates the amount you will receive as a refund.
  • Issued $ Amount: When this status appears, you can see the notice of assessment, if you will receive the refund, and the date you will receive the payment.
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    How Returns/refunds Can Be Delayed

    The quickest way to get your tax return processed is to file it electronically. Even so, your refund can be delayed for a number of reasons, including:

    • Your contact information has changed. If the CRA needs to get in touch with you to verify some information on your return and does not have your up-to-date contact information, it will take longer to process your return.
    • Errors on your return. Misreporting income or expenses can delay your return and put you at risk of an audit by the CRA.
    • Your return was randomly chosen for an audit.
    • You have large year-over-year changes in your deduction claims.
    • If you have been previously reassessed or penalized.
    • You have a balance owing from previous years.

    How Long Does A Tax Refund Take

    When people know that theyre eligible for a tax refund, no matter how big or small the amount is, they want the amount immediately. And while that isnt possible in such a short period of time, often people wonder as to how long does it take to get your tax refund?

    On average a transaction may take somewhere between six to eight weeks for the application processing and the money finally getting into your account. And this is if youre filing through conventional methods like manually going through the office or sending a fax

    The process may also take 21 days for you to get your tax refund if youre applying electronically via email or an online application.

    For tax year 2019 the IRS started accepting returns on January 27th, 2020. Weve based these timelines on historical data noting that most refunds will be issued by the IRS in less than 21 days after the return has been accepted.

    The financial condition in 2020 has been greatly affected by the pandemic, and there is absolutely no secret to it. While financial institutions have been shut down or negatively affected, the inefficiencies of the IRS have surfaced.

    This means that the tax refund process has become slower.

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    How Does This Expected Turnaround Compare To Last Year

    Although the typical turnaround time of 21 days has not changed much, there is a considerable backlog causing millions of taxpayers to experience delays, said Zimmelman. This backlog goes back to the end of 2020 and is due to issues caused by the COVID pandemic, specifically, a much smaller IRS staff and past office closures due to quarantine.

    How Long Does It Take To Receive My Tax Refund

    When Will I Get My Refund? – TurboTax Support Video

    Approximately 90% of taxpayers will receive their refunds in less than 21 days from the day their tax return was accepted by the IRS. Most people receive their refunds in an average of 10-14 days.

    Your bank will usually make your payment available within one to three days of receiving the payment from the IRS. Checks may take longer to clear your bank.

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    Im A Nonresident Alien I Dont Have To Pay Us Federal Income Tax How Do I Claim A Refund For Federal Taxes Withheld On Income From A Us Source When Can I Expect To Receive My Refund

    To claim a refund of federal taxes withheld on income from a U.S. source, a nonresident alien must report the appropriate income and withholding amounts on Form 1040-NR, U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax ReturnPDF. You must include the documents substantiating any income and withholding amounts when you file your Form 1040NR. We need more than 21 days to process a 1040NR return. Please allow up to 6 months from the date you filed the 1040NR for your refund.

    Can I Take A Loan Against My Tax Refund

    Yes, you can take a loan against your tax refund. But you have to decide whether it is the best choice or not.

    Sometimes it takes a lot of time waiting for your tax refund, no matter how much it is, there is a certain time period you have to kill before you claim the amount. But if you have an emergency and you need the money, you can ask for cash advance on your income tax return.

    But you might be getting yourself into an expensive loan, and you may end up paying for services you dont really need. If you file your taxes electronically and use direct deposit for your refund, you should get your money within 21 days or so.

    Here is a list of pros and cons to really help you decide on what you should do.


    • Great option if youre looking to pay off a high interest debt. Waiting for the loan can be a good time period to get your debt off your back.
    • Even if you have a fair youre able to qualify. Since tax refund loans do not work like traditional loans, there is a chance for you to qualify even if you dont have a very high credit rating.


    These sets of pros and cons are real and happen very much so in the world of tax refunds. While the pros are there, the risks of getting a loan against your tax refund is also very real. So before you jump on the bandwagon make sure youve properly evaluated everything.

    You recorded a paper return, which could bring about handling delays because of restricted staffing.

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    How Quickly Will I Get My Refund

    We issue most refunds in less than 21 calendar days. However, if you filed on paper and are expecting a refund, it could take six months or more to process your return. Wheres My Refund? has the most up to date information available about your refund.

    It is also taking the IRS more than 21 days to issue refunds for some tax returns that require review including incorrect Recovery Rebate Credit amounts, or that used 2019 income to figure the Earned Income Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit .

    How Can I Check The Status Of My Refund

    How Long Will it Take To Get My Tax Refund?

    You can check the status of your refund online by using our Wheres My Refund? web service. In order to view status information, you will be prompted to enter the social security number listed on your tax return along with the exact amount of your refund shown on line 34 of Form D-400, Individual Income Tax Return.

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