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What Is The Tax In North Carolina

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Are Other Forms Of Retirement Income Taxable In North Carolina

Yes, North Carolina has the lowest tax rate in the country

Income from a pension, 401, IRA or any other type of retirement account is all taxed at the North Carolina state income tax rate of 5.25%.

Unlike many other states, North Carolina does not allow deductions on any type of retirement income. However, the North Carolina standard deduction is fairly large. It is $10,750 for single filers, $21,500 for joint-filers and $16,125 for heads of household.

Penalties And Interest For Late Payments

If payment is remitted late, there is a 10% failure to pay penalty that will be due with the next payment. Interest will be charged as well from the date of the last received payment.

If payment is on time but filing is late, there is a failure to file penalty of 5% per month with a maximum fine of 25% for a single return.

For those with a zero return, filing is still required by the listed due date. There is no penalty for failing to file a zero return, but after 18 months, the permit may be revoked for lack of filing.

Total Estimated 2020 Tax Burden

Our income tax calculator calculates your federal, state and local taxes based on several key inputs: your household income, location, filing status and number of personal exemptions. Also, we separately calculate the federal income taxes you will owe in the 2020 – 2021 filing season based on the Trump Tax Plan.

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How You Can Affect Your North Carolina Paycheck

North Carolina taxpayers who find themselves facing a large IRS bill each tax season should review their W-4 forms, as there’s a simple way to use the form to address this issue. Specifically, you can elect to have an extra dollar amount withheld from each of your paychecks to go toward your taxes. While your paychecks will be slightly smaller, youll lower the chances of owing money to Uncle Sam during tax season.

You can also save on taxes by putting your money into pre-tax accounts like a 401, 403 or health savings account , provided your employer offers these options. Retirement accounts like a 401 and 403 not only help you save money for your future, but can also help lower how much you owe in taxes. The money that goes into these accounts comes out of your paycheck before taxes are deducted, so you are effectively lowering your taxable income while saving for the future. HSAs work in a similar manner and you can use the money you put in there toward medical-related expenses like copays or certain prescriptions.

Not yet a North Carolina taxpayer, but planning a move to the state soon? Take a look at our North Carolina mortgage guide for important information about rates and getting a mortgage in the state.

How Much Is North Carolina’s Sales Tax Rate On Car Purchases

Could Increased Sales Tax Cause More Bankruptcies? Raleigh ...

When you buy a car from a dealer or a leasing company in North Carolina, then you’ll pay sales tax on the car’s purchase price. If you buy a car from a private seller, then you’ll pay sales tax on the value of the car. Call your local DMV so they can help you determine your car’s actual value.

North Carolina assesses a 3 percent sales tax on all vehicle purchases, according to CarsDirect. This sales tax is known as the Highway Use Tax, and it funds the improvement and maintenance of state roads. Funds collected from this tax also go into the state’s General Fund and the North Carolina Highway Trust Fund.

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When You Need To Collect North Carolina Sales Tax

In North Carolina, sales tax is levied on the sale of tangible goods and some services. The tax is collected by the seller and remitted to state tax authorities. The seller acts as a de facto collector.

To help you determine whether you need to collect sales tax in North Carolina, start by answering these three questions:

  • Do you have nexus in North Carolina?
  • Are you selling taxable goods or services to North Carolina residents?
  • Are your buyers required to pay sales tax?
  • If the answer to all three questions is yes, youre required to register with the state tax authority, collect the correct amount of sales tax per sale, file returns, and remit to the state.

    The North Carolina Income Tax

    North Carolina collects a state income tax at a maximum marginal tax rate of %, spread across tax brackets. Unlike the Federal Income Tax, North Carolina’s state income tax does not provide couples filing jointly with expanded income tax brackets.

    North Carolina’s maximum marginal income tax rate is the 1st highest in the United States, ranking directly below North Carolina’s %. You can learn more about how the North Carolina income tax compares to other states’ income taxes by visiting our map of income taxes by state.

    Some states, including North Carolina, increase, but don’t double, all or some bracket widths for joint filers .

    There are -594 days left until Tax Day, on April 16th 2020. The IRS will start accepting eFiled tax returns in January 2020 – you can start your online tax return today for free with TurboTax .

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    What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Car’s Property Tax

    Ultimately, there’s no way to avoid paying your property taxes, though you may qualify for a deferment. The DMV maintains accurate records that track all registered vehicles, their owners, and the tax amount due. In addition, the state has the right to impose significant fines and penalties on nonpayers. The DMV can also impose a block on renewing your car registration until your past due taxes are paid.

    Where Can I Get More Information About Car Registration

    North Carolina Tax Deed Basics: State Overview!

    Visit the NCDOT website or contact your local DMV if you’re ready to purchase a new car. These resources can provide you with the most up-to-date information about car title and registration processes in North Carolina. Remember that sales tax will be due only when you transfer a car’s title, but the car’s property tax will be due each year.

    Buying a car can feel stressful sometimes, especially when it comes to figuring out how much you can afford to pay. North Carolina car sales tax is easy to apply once you know the rules. Always check with your local DMV for the latest tax rates and fees in your county.

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    Where To Send Your North Carolina Tax Return

    Express Delivery

    You can save time and money by electronically filing your North Carolina income tax directly with the . Benefits of e-Filing your North Carolina tax return include instant submission, error checking, and faster refund response times. Most tax preparers can electronically file your return for you, or you can do it yourself using free or paid income tax software, like the examples listed below.

    To e-file your North Carolina and Federal income tax returns, you need a piece of tax software that is certified for eFile by the IRS. While most in-depth tax software charges a fee, there are several free options available through the states, and simple versions are also offered free of charge by most tax software companies.

    The two most popular tax software packages are H& R Block At Home, sold by the H& R Block tax preparation company, and TurboTax Federal & State, sold by the Intuit software company. Both companies produce multiple editions for simple to very complex tax returns, so be sure to carefully compare the features offered by each package.

    Taxable And Exempt Shipping Charges

    North Carolina sales tax may apply to charges for shipping, handling, delivery, freight, and postage.The general rule of thumb in North Carolina is that if the sale is exempt, related delivery charges are exempt. However, if the sale is taxable, delivery-related charges may be fully taxable, partially taxable, or non-taxable.

    If both taxable and exempt sales are listed on an invoice, shipping and handling charges should be allocated proportionally to each item. However, if shipping and handling charges are based on a flat rate per package, the retailer can allocate the charges to any of the items in the package rather than apportion the charges.

    If your records dont show the actual cost of an individual delivery, tax generally applies to the entire charge for delivery of a taxable sale.

    There are exceptions to almost every rule with sales tax, and the same is true for shipping and handling charges. Specific questions on shipping in North Carolina and sales tax should be taken directly to a tax professional familiar with North Carolina tax laws.

    For additional information, see the North Carolina Department of Revenue Sales and Use Tax Technical Bulletins.

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    North Carolina Taxes For Retirees

    What is it like to retire in the great state of North Carolina? For one, the weather is mild, making it an excellent destination for active retirees. The state also teems with natural beauty. But one of the most important factors regarding whether NC is a great retirement destination is its tax-friendliness and cost of living.

    So, what exactly are North Carolinas taxes for retirees like? Read on to learn more about what to expect.

    Details On North Carolina Retirement Taxes

    Pin on Norm Bossert for NC State House, 113th District

    When it does come to the tax side of things, if youre considering a move to North Carolina for retirement, its important to keep the following in mind:

    • Social Security income in North Carolina is not taxed
    • However, withdrawals from retirement accounts are fully taxed
    • Additionally, pension incomes are fully taxed

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    North Carolina Fica Tax Rate And Fica Tax Limits

    The FICA tax rate is 15.3% of taxable wages. The FICA Tax is comprised of the Social Security Tax and Medicare Tax. The Social Security taxable wage base is the first $118,500 paid in wages to each employee during a calendar year. The Medicare Tax has no income limit.

    North Carolina Social Security Tax Rate is 12.4%North Carolina Medicare Tax Rate is 2.9%NET North Carolina FICA Tax Rate is 15.3%

    North Carolina FICA Tax Limit : $118,500North Carolina FICA Tax Limit : No Income Limit


    North Carolina Sales Tax Software

    For those who are required to file and remit sales tax in the State of North Carolina, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. TaxTools sales tax software can help manage the destination based sales tax collection and remittance required by the state with data review and sorting features. It can work in conjunction with your current website and eCommerce setup or can be integrated into your transaction setup. If you would like to learn more, contact us today or signup here for a free trial of the TaxTools software.

    AccurateTax believes that sales tax automation should be affordable for all businesses. The laws don’t make compliance easy, but our software helps. See how much time you can save by using AccurateTax.


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    Federal Fuel Excise Taxes

    The price of all motor fuel sold in North Carolina also includes Federal motor fuel excise taxes, which are collected from the manufacturer by the IRS and are used to support the Federal Highway Administration. Federal excise tax rates on various motor fuel products are as follows:

    Compressed Natural Gas $0.184 per gallon â

    Included in the Gasoline, Diesel/Kerosene, and Compressed Natural Gas rates is a 0.1 ¢ per gallon charge for the Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund .

    â These tax rates are based on energy content relative to gasoline.

    How Do I Get A North Carolina State Tax Id

    VERIFY: North Carolina’s property tax on vehicles is legal

    In order to get a North Carolina state tax ID number, your business must have an EIN first. In many cases, businesses will receive a state ID quickly after filing online, though it takes up to 10 business days.

    In addition to an EIN, corporations have to be registered with the Secretary of State’s Office and have a registration number. For this process, you will need to know or have handy the information for any tax accounts, licenses, or permits. The North Carolina Business Registration form also must be filled out in ink or online if the process has not been completed already.

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    North Carolina Department Of Revenue

    North Carolina Department of Revenue

    Agency overview
    501 North Wilmington Street, Raleigh, North Carolina
    Agency executive
    • Secretary of Revenue Ronald Penny
    Parent agency

    The North Carolina Department of Revenue was created in 1921 by the North Carolina General Assembly. The department is headed by a Secretary that is appointed by the Governor. The Secretary is a member of the Governor’s Cabinet. Currently, the department is responsible for administering the collection of the North Carolina state income tax, gasoline tax, sales tax, beverage tax, inheritance tax, .

    Occupancy Tax Collection And Remittance By Airbnb In North Carolina

    State of North Carolina

    Guests who book Airbnb listings that are located in the State of North Carolina will pay the following taxes as part of their reservation:

    • North Carolina Sales Tax: 6.75-7.5% of the listing price including any cleaning and guest fees for reservations less than 90 nights. The State imposes both a statewide 4.75% tax and a local 2-2.75% tax, which varies by county. For detailed information, visit North Carolina’s website.
    • City and/or County Occupancy Tax: All locally imposed occupancy taxes will be collected on reservations in North Carolina. The tax varies by city and county. It is typically 1-8% of the listing price including any cleaning and guest fees for reservations less than 90 nights.

    Find out more about how occupancy tax collection and remittance by Airbnb works.

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    Secretaries/commissioners Of The Department Of Revenue

    The Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Revenue is appointed by the Governor. From 1921 to 1873, the position was called Commissioner of Revenue. While the position was initially created in 1921 to be nominated by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate and elected in the same manner as other public offices in 1924, this was changed in 1929 to allow the Governor to appoint the commissioner as it has been done since then. The secretary is a member of the governors Cabinet. The following secretaries/commissioners have held this position:

    Cameron A. Morrison


  • ^Ronald G. Penny served as acting Secretary from January 2017 to April 21017 and was appointed Secretary in April of 2017.
  • ^ abIrvie L. Clayton was appointed as acting commissioner by Gov. Moore. He was later reappointed by Gov. Scott on July 21, 1969 until his resignation on December 31, 1971.
  • ^Lewis Sneed High was appointed by Gov. Sanford to replace William A. Johnson and served until his resignation in January 1965.
  • ^William A. Johnson was appointed by Gov. Sanford to replace James Currie and served until April 1964.
  • ^James S. Currie was appointed by Gov. Hodges to replace Eugene Shaw and served until his resignation in January 1961.
  • ^Eugen G. Shaw was appointed by Gov. Scott to replace Gill and reappointed by Gov. Umstead on June 29, 1953.
  • North Carolina Sales Tax Calculator

    North Carolinaâs Tax Rates are Among the Lowest in the ...

    You can use our North Carolina Sales Tax Calculator to look up sales tax rates in North Carolina by address / zip code. The calculator will show you the total sales tax amount, as well as the county, city, and special district tax rates in the selected location.


    North Carolina has a 4.75% statewide sales tax rate,but also has 324 local tax jurisdictions that collect an average local sales tax of 2.188% on top of the state tax. This means that, depending on your location within North Carolina, the total tax you pay can be significantly higher than the 4.75% state sales tax.

    For example, here is how much you would pay inclusive of sales tax on a $200.00 purchase in the cities with the highest and lowest sales taxes in North Carolina:

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    Exemption For A Qualifying Data Center

    Purchases of electricity for use at a qualifying data center and the purchase of data center support equipment to be located and used at such a facility is exempt from sales tax.

    A qualifying data center must meet the following two conditions:

    • The Secretary of Commerce must have made a written determination that at least $75 million in private funds has been or will be invested by one or more owners, users or tenants of the data center. Such funds must have been invested within five years of the first real or tangible property investment in the facility. Real and tangible investments in the data center that were made prior to Jan. 1, 2012 may not be included in the investment required.
    • The data center must meet county wage standard and health insurance requirements.

    Data center support equipment is property that is capitalized for tax purposes and used for one of the following purposes:

    North Carolina Income Tax Estimator

    You can use the income tax estimator to the left to calculate your approximate North Carolina and Federal income tax based on the most recent tax brackets.

    Keep in mind that this estimator assumes all income is from wages, assumes the standard deduction, and does not account for tax credits.

    For a more detailed estimate that takes these factors into account, click “View Detailed Estimate” .

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