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How To Dispute Your Property Taxes

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How to win property assessment appeal

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Have A Logical Case For Your Grievance

You shouldnt depend on your ability to fool people into giving you an appeal for your property tax assessment. This is a recipe for complete disaster. Municipality officials are generally very smart and will pay closer attention to details during a tax grievance petition process. This is why you need to focus mostly on developing a logical case for your grievance that is based on facts and errors committed by the municipality assessor instead.

How Do I Apply For A Homestead Exemption

For details on homestead tax exemptions, go directly to your county or local tax assessor’s website. Some states require you to fill out an application . Make sure you comply with your state’s application deadlines.

Also, be aware that some sites may be fraudulent and may request payment to fill out an application. Your county or local tax assessor will not require you to pay a fee to fill out an application for homestead tax exemption.

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Understand Your Town’s Assessment

First, it’s important to note that a higher property assessment doesn’t necessarily mean a higher tax bill, experts say. That’s because new assessments are typically designed to be revenue-neutral, which means a municipality can’t gain more tax revenue through the new assessments.

Instead, what’s important is whether your assessment has increased more on a percentage basis than the overall average increase of your town or county. For instance, Knox County increased its assessments by 40%, but people whose properties increased below that rate enjoyed a tax decrease, while those whose properties appreciated above 40% got a tax hike.

Appealing To The State Board Of Equalization

Appealing Your Property Taxes? Consider Expert Help  RISMedia

With limited exception, a disputed assessment must first be appealed to the county board of equalization of where the property is located or it becomes final. Contact the assessor in your county to appeal to the county board of equalization.

Appeals to the state board of equalization from a local board of equalization must be filed on or before August 1 of the tax year, or within forty-five days of the date notice of the local board action was sent, whichever is later.

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It Costs Little To Nothing Out Of Pocket

Appealing your property tax assessment costs little to nothing out of pocket. At most, youll be required to pay a nominal appeal filing fee, usually not more than $25 or $30. In many cases, this fee is waived.

Attorneys generally assist homeowners with property tax assessments on a contingency basis. Youll only pay for an appeal thats complex enough to require an attorneys assistance if it proves successful. Even then, youll pay out of your windfall.

So the only significant out-of-pocket expense that may be required from a routine property tax appeal is a home appraisal. Hopefully, youll earn back the $300 or $400 you spend on that when your property tax bill falls.

What To Expect At The Hearing

A typical residential hearing is limited to a total of 10 minutes. All hearings in which a petitioner is present are recorded. Most recordings are available for review upon request. During this 10 minutes you will:

  • Introduce yourself and identify your property. The BoPTA Chair will announce the current value and your requested value, and will confirm the size, location and type of property under appeal.

  • You will then make a statement supporting your requested value.

  • Describe each piece of evidence you present. BoPTA members may ask questions during your presentation.

You must make your statement, present your evidence, and allow for questions within the 10 minute period. Remember that BoPTA is concerned with property values for the current assessment year, not large increases over last years value or increases in tax amounts.

The process is informal. You should expect to be treated with courtesy. The Chair must, however, adhere to the time schedule and you will be asked to cooperate in this regard.

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How Do Property Taxes Work

To figure out how much you owe in property taxes on your real estate, a local official usually starts by finding the value of your property. They may use a few methods to calculate this value, and your local or state laws describe exactly how real estate is valued in your area. The value of your property as set by the local government agency or tax assessor is sometimes called your propertys assessment.

After the real estate has been valued, most agencies allow property tax exemptions for certain groups of people. Property tax exemptions may reduce or eliminate the burden of property taxes to make owning a home less costly. You can check your local or state laws to see what exemptions might apply to you in your area. Below are some common property tax exemptions:

  • Senior citizen exemption: reduces property taxes for people of a certain age. This exemption can lower the cost of owning a home for older people on a fixed income.
  • Disability exemption: reduces property taxes for people with disabilities and makes owning a home easier for disabled people on a fixed income.
  • Homestead exemption: a common exemption for people who live on the property full-time.

Get Professional Assistance For Property Tax Grievance

How to File a Property Tax Assessment Appeal (2021)

Here at Heller & Consultants Tax Grievance Group, we specialize in helping our clients get their property assessment petitions approved in a timely and affordable manner in the Long Island area. We are so confident in our service that you wont need to pay anything until your property tax grievance is approved. for a free consultation.

Long Island Tax Grievance

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When Will My Hearing Be Scheduled

Hearings start in mid-February and run until April 15. Hearings take place in 10 minute increments from 9 am-2 pm, Monday-Thursday at the Multnomah Building .

  • Notices of hearing will be mailed 5-10 days in advance of the scheduled time. You may also call or chat our Customer Service office to find out your scheduled hearing time.

  • Hearing times cannot be rescheduled. If, after your hearing is scheduled, you find you cannot attend, you may send a qualified representative. To designate a representative, fill out and submit the.

  • If you are in need of special assistance, please call or chat our office and we will be able to help you.

It Could Negatively Impact Your Homes Resale Value

Assessed value is not the same as appraised or market value. But it doesnt exist in a vacuum, either. Assessed value is one of several factors used by homebuyers and consumer-facing real estate data sources, like Zillow, to determine fair market value.

Unless local statutes explicitly limit year-over-year increases in tax assessed value, you can bet that buyers interested in your home will exploit the yawning gap between your tax assessed value and asking price during negotiations. If youre planning to sell your home in the near future, holding off on property tax appeals may actually be a wise financial move.

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When Is The Hearing Officer’s Decision Not Final

The county board of supervisors has the authority to adopt rules and procedures that set forth whether or not they will use hearing officers and whether a hearing officer’s decision is a binding or non-binding recommendation. They may also adopt a resolution that the appeals board has the discretion to accept or reject the hearing officer’s recommendation. This means that if either the county assessor or you do not want to accept the hearing officer’s recommendation, you may request in writing, within a specific time frame, a new hearing before the county appeals board. You should check with your clerk of the board to verify what applies to your county.

What Can You Sell Your Home For

How To Appeal My Property Tax Value

Some homeowners are shocked when they see their new assessment, but tax experts say some of those values could use a reality check the assessment should reflect what your home could actually fetch on the real estate market.

Before making an appeal, look at local real estate sales for comparable homes to get a sense of whether your assessment is in line with market conditions. If the new assessment values your home higher than what comparable properties have sold for, then you may want to move forward with an appeal.

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My Son Will Be Filing The Application For Me Will I Need To Designate Him As My Agent

No. Persons who are the applicant’s spouse, registered domestic partner, parent, child, or co-owners may also file on behalf of the applicant and are not deemed to be agents. The filer need only indicate the relationship with the applicant in the certification section at the end of the application and be able to provide proof of relationship if requested.

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What To Do If Your Taxes Are Too High

  • You cannot appeal an assessment simply because you cannot afford to pay the tax levy. Property taxes are based upon a property’s value – not the owner’s income. An inability to afford paying taxes is cured through tax breaks and exemptions. With one exception, the poverty exemption, high taxes are never appealable to a Board of Review- only the value of property estimated by the assessor is appealable!
  • When your taxes are too high for you to afford, you should first look to Michigan’s “Circuit Breaker” law for help. This is the form 1040CR filed with your state income taxes. Any Michigan taxpayer who pays more than 3.5 percent of their household income in property taxes is eligible for benefits under the circuit breaker law. Household income means income from all sources.
  • Renters may also qualify for a cash reimbursement under the circuit breaker law. 20 percent of one’s rent is considered equal to a property tax as long as the building being rented is taxed under property tax laws. So, if 20 percent of your rent is more than 3.5 percent of your household income, then youcan get cash back from the state of Michigan using form 1040cr. This is especially useful information for college students if they live apartments and not dorms.
  • Senior Citizens, the disabled and others may qualify for a greater reduction under circuit breaker laws than the ordinary working stiff, but each category receives benefits.
  • Collect Evidence To Support Your Claim

    How to Appeal Property Taxes

    You will need to collect documentation that supports your claim that your propertys assessed value is too high. This may include:

    • Blueprints, engineering reports, photos, receipts or estimates for repairs, deed records, or sales price documentation
    • Statements from an independent appraiser or a builder that support your claim
    • Any information in the notice of appraised value that is incorrect, such as square footages, lot size, number of bedrooms, and other attributes
    • Information from the appraisal district used to determine your propertys value

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    You Realize You Havent Filed The Correct Exemptions

    Exemptions may vary by state and can include a main residence exemption, veteran or disabled person status, assistance for senior citizens, and disaster relief. The homestead exemption could exempt hundreds of thousands of dollars from being taxed on your homes assessed value, in some states.

    Example: Lets say youre a veteran whos entitled to a discount on property taxes, or maybe youre using your property for religious purposes. Both of these scenarios could grant you an exemption.

    What Information Do I Need To Provide To Support My Opinion Of Value

    Any information provided with the application must also be presented at the hearing in order for it to be considered evidence that the appeals board may hear. However, you should provide you county assessor with information that supports your opinion of the market value for your property. This may result in the county assessor concurring with your evidence, and there would be no need to pursue the appeal. For a residential property, the best supporting documentation is information on sales of comparable properties.

    Your assessor’s website may offer sales information for properties that have sold within the last two years. The same information is available from many assessors’ district offices. Many websites offer sales information free of charge. Additionally, a local real estate agent or title agent can also be a valuable source of information. Sales of comparable properties may be any time prior to the date of your value, but those closest in time are the best indicators of value. However, an appeals board may not consider comparable sales that have occurred more than 90 days after the date your value was set by the county assessor.

    Any relevant evidence may be admitted if it is a customary method in which a property is appraised. You may use the income approach or the replacement cost approach if they are considered the most appropriate method of valuation for your property.

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    Property Tax Petitions: Dispute Prior

    Theres one more recourse available to homeowners who arent happy with their property tax assessments. And its retroactive, potentially for multiple years.

    Thats the good news. The bad news: Youll need to go to court.

    Property tax petitions can be costly and drawn-out, so theyre pretty rare for average homesteaders. If your home is worth well above the national median, or youre a landlord who owns income-producing multifamily properties, your calculus may be different.

    The following is the basic procedure for property tax petitions, per the Ramsey County Assessor. Your assessor may do things differently, so check with them before making any assumptions:

  • Obtain your property tax petition form.
  • Complete the appropriate number of copies and attach property tax statements to each.
  • Serve certified copies to the requisite agencies .
  • Obtain your case file number from the court and meet all court-mandated filing deadlines.
  • Schedule and complete an in-person appraisal.
  • Negotiate a settlement, if possible.
  • If no settlement is reached, schedule your trial date, appear in court, and argue your case with or without legal representation.
  • The petition process can take a year or longer, so its not for minor disputes. Consult a lawyer with real estate tax experience for personalized guidance.

    Simple Steps To Reduce Your Property Tax Bill

    Disputing Your Property Taxes

    Terri Williams is an expert in mortgages, real estate, and home buying. As a journalist she’s covered the “homes” corner of personal finance for more than a decade, with bylines in scores of publications, including, Bob Vila, Yahoo, Time/Next Advisor, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Homes, and Apartment Therapy.

    Homeownership has its perks. However, most homeowners would probably agree, the rising cost of property taxes isnt one of them. If you think your property taxes are too high, youll be glad to know you dont have to accept your bill the way it is. You can appeal your property taxes, and if youre successful, enjoy the advantages of owning a home in your town or city while paying less for the privilege.

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    Theres No Guarantee Of Success

    Property tax appeals arent guaranteed to succeed, and the success rate varies widely from place to place. A low local success rate isnt necessarily a deal breaker, but youd be wise to take it under advisement.

    Before you invest your finite time and energy in an appeal, talk to friends and neighbors whove gone through the process in your jurisdiction. Have them walk you through their appeals processes, noting actions and non-actions that may have contributed to their ultimate success or failure.

    It also doesnt hurt to contact your assessors office directly and ask, point-blank, for current success rates for tax assessment appeals. As long as you dont ask for information directly pertinent to your case, theyll likely share their figures.

    Are There Any States With No Property Taxes

    All 50 states and the District of Columbia levy property taxes. However, some people may qualify for a property tax exemption. Some states offer homestead exemptions, while other types of exemptions exist for older homeowners, people with disabilities, military veterans, and homeowners who make certain renovations or install renewable energy systems .

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