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Is There An Extension On Filing Taxes

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Extension Application Forms And Filing Online

Tax Tips: Filing an extension

The extension application form you use depends on your tax return type:

For personal tax returns, use Form 4868 to file an extension application. These include sole proprietors, partners, LLC owners, and S corporation owners.

For business tax returns for partnerships, S corporations, and corporations, use Form 7004 to file an extension application.

You canfile an extension application online or through your business tax software or your tax preparer. You can also get an extension by paying all or part of your estimated income tax due and indicating that the payment is for an extension using Direct Pay, the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System , or a . This way, you wont have to file a separate extension form, and you will receive a confirmation number for your records.

Schedule Federal Tax Payments Electronically

Taxpayers can file now and schedule their federal tax payments up to the October 15 due date. They can pay online, by phone or with their mobile device and the IRS2Go app. When paying federal taxes electronically taxpayers should remember:

  • Electronic payment options are the optimal way to make a tax payment.
  • They can pay when they file electronically using tax software online. If using a tax preparer, taxpayers should ask the preparer to make the tax payment through an electronic funds withdrawal from a bank account.
  • IRS Direct Pay allows taxpayers to pay online directly from a checking or savings account for free, and to schedule payments up to 365 days in advance.
  • Choices to pay with a credit card, debit card or digital wallet option are available through a payment processor. The payment processor, not the IRS, charges a fee for this service.
  • The IRS2Go app provides the mobile-friendly payment options, including Direct Pay and debit or credit card payments on mobile devices.
  • The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System is convenient, safe and easy. Choose to pay online or by phone by using the EFTPS Voice Response System.

Recap Of 2020 Irs Tax Deadline Changes Due To Coronavirus

On March 21, 2020, in response to the growing concern over the Coronavirus pandemic, the IRS announced that it had extended the deadline for Federal income tax returns from April 15, 2020 to July 15, 2020.

Based on this change, all taxpayersincluding individuals, trusts and estates, corporations, and those who pay self-employment taxwere able to automatically defer tax payments penalty-free in 2020, regardless of the amount due.

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Is There Any Extension To Make Tax Payments

Yes, the Arizona Department of Revenue has moved the deadline for filing and paying state individual income taxes for the 2020 tax year from April 15 to May 17, 2021. For making electronic payments, select the day you want the payment to be withdrawn. Payments made on AZTaxes must be completed before 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time the Arizona business day prior to the due date, in order for the payment to settle the next business day.

Individual Tax Returns Due

How to File a Tax Extension 2018: Here

For 2021, the individual tax return date has been moved from April 15 to May 17. This is the deadline to file Individual tax returns . If your income is below $66,000 for the tax year, you can e-file for free using IRS Free File. If your income was above that, you can use the IRSâ free, fillable forms.

If youâre a sole proprietor filing Schedule C on your personal tax returns, the May 17, 2021 deadline applies to you too.

May 17 is also the deadline to file for an extension to file your individual tax return.

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What Does My 2020 Tax Return Have To Do With Stimulus Payments

If the IRS owes you money from the first two stimulus checks — maybe you didn’t receive either check or received less than you qualified for — you can claim the missing payments through a recovery rebate credit on your 2020 tax form. This holds even if you’re not usually required to file taxes. So the longer you wait to file, the longer it’ll take to get your missing stimulus payment.

The IRS says it will automatically evaluate your eligibility for the third stimulus check when your 2020 return is processed. If the IRS calculated the amount of your third stimulus payment using your 2019 tax return, you could qualify for more money as a so-called “plus-up payment” once the IRS receives 2020 taxes and recalculates your total. However, until you file a 2020 tax return, the IRS won’t have your new income or dependent information on file.

The IRS plans to issue eligible taxpayers third stimulus payments and plus-up payments through the end of 2021.

Your Tax Situation Is Really Complicated And You Just Need More Time

Itemizing tax deductions or owning a small business can make your tax filing really difficult. In that case, pushing the deadline to October can prevent you from rushing through your taxes and making dumb mistakes.

But listen: If your tax situation is that complicated, you should work with a pro. What may take you days or weeks to do can take a pro far less time.

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Greenback Team Is Here To Help

The Greenback Team is fortunate to be a 100% remote team distributed around the world 11 countries and 12 states to be exact. And as many of us are expats ourselves, were here to keep you up-to-date and help you navigate all the changes related to your taxes.

We currently recommend that you file your expat taxes as soon as possible, particularly if you think you may be owed a refund. If you do owe taxes, you can file now and hold off on making a payment until the new extended deadline. Planning ahead will help you manage finances and reduce stress during this uncertain time.

Events and circumstances have been changing rapidly, and it is best to stay on top of taxes to take advantage of potential benefits coming your way. Were here to answer any questions you may have during this confusing time, especially regarding US tax deadline in 2021 for citizens living abroad. Please get in touch with us today.

Some Important Points About Extension Applications

How to File an Income Tax Extension
  • There is only one extension allowed per tax year. You can’t get multiple extensions.
  • The extension is automatic for both types of extensions . Just be sure to file the extension by the tax due date.
  • Even if you don’t owe any tax, file an extension if you can’t file your return by the due date.
  • If you aren’t sure how much to pay when you file your extension application, you can run a calculation of estimated tax due.
  • You may also have to file anextension application with your state. Check with your state’s taxing authority to learn about the process for filing an extension for a state tax return.
  • The IRS doesn’t reject many extension applications. The most common reason an application is rejected is because of an error. Check to make sure you have filed the extension application correctly.

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Many Taxpayers Know That October 15 Is The Due Date For Filing An Extended Tax Return There Are Other Tax Deadlines On This Date

We normally have one day in our heads when it comes to taxes: The due date for federal income tax returns. In 2020, July 15 was deadline day for most taxpayers. This year, it was May 17. Next year, it’s April 18 . But these aren’t the only deadlines during the year. In fact, there are several tax deadlines coming up on October 15 that you should be thinking about, too.

It’s very important to know and understand all tax deadlines including the October 15 due dates. If you were to overlook a deadline, it could cost you a lot of money through either penalties, interest, or additional taxes. So, let’s go over 6 tax deadlines for October 15 that you don’t want to miss. Check them out to see if something unexpected applies to you.

Most Taxpayers Who Requested An Extension To File Their 2021 Tax Return Must File By Oct 15

Extension filers who owe taxes should pay as much as possible to reduce interest and penalties. Those who have yet to file a 2020 tax return, owe tax, and did not request an extension can generally avoid additional penalties and interest by filing the return as soon as possible and paying any taxes owed.

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Do I Have To Enter My Driver’s License Or State

In an ongoing effort to protect taxpayers from identity theft, the IRS, state tax agencies and the tax industry are asking for drivers license numbers or state-issued identification numbers. Providing this information helps verify identity and can prevent unnecessary delays in tax return processing.

I Have Questions About My Taxes Can I Call The Irs

IRS Tax Extensions: 3 Tips for Filing Your October Return ...

There are numerous ways to contact the IRS. The agency no longer offers live online chatting, but you can still submit questions through its online form. If you prefer to talk to a person, the IRS maintains a number of dedicated phone lines that are open Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. . Individuals can call 800-829-1040 and businesses can call 800-829-4933. Note, however, that the IRS says “live phone assistance is extremely limited at this time.”

And there’s always the Interactive Tax Assistant, an automated online tool that provides answers to a number of tax law questions. It can determine if a type of income is taxable, if you’re eligible to claim certain credits and whether you can deduct expenses on your tax return. It also provides answers for general questions, such as determining your filing status, whether you can claim dependents or if you even have to file a tax return.

If you have a question for the IRS specifically related to stimulus checks and your taxes, the IRS recommends that you check and the Get My Payment application.

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How Do I Cancel The Payment And Schedule It For A Later Date

Payments can be canceled until 5:00 pm on the business day prior to the requested withdrawal date. Payments that can be canceled include payments made through e-filed returns and payments made on

Payment through vendor: If the payment was scheduled through an electronic filing program, visit, select Cancel a Payment, and select Efile as the Payment Type. Data required is SSN, filing status, tax year and payment amount.

Payment by individual: If the payment was scheduled on, select Cancel a Payment, then select the Payment type. A confirmation number is required. For payments by paper, ADOR will process the check when it is received and does not hold it for processing at later dates. For paper checks, remember to include the following:

  • Tax ID
  • Tax Period

Give Yourself Extra Time To Make Your Tax Filing Perfect

After the start of the New Year, tax season begins, and it can feel like everyone is rushing to file their taxes by the deadline. Getting an extension can not only relieve you of the stress to file in time, but it can also allow you to take your time getting your documents in order. You also get a chance to work with your accountant at a time when they can focus more on you and your needs as opposed to handling hundreds clients, and trying to finish all taxes by a deadline. This is a great option for people that are self-employed.

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What Fiscal Measures Did The Cra Take To Help Businesses Manage Their Gst/hst Payments And Remittances

As announced on March 27, 2020, the CRA allowed all businesses to defer, until June 30, 2020, any GST/HST payments or remittances that became owing on or after March 27, 2020, and before July 2020. This meant that no interest would apply if your payments or remittances are made by June 30, 2020.

The deadline for businesses to file their returns is unchanged. Those who are able to, should continue to file their GST/HST returns on time reporting their net tax for the reporting period to help facilitate tax compliance and administration. However, recognizing the difficult circumstances faced by businesses, the CRA won’t impose penalties where a return is filed late provided that it is filed by June 30, 2020.

What Is The Due Date For Calendar Corporate Income Tax Returns For Businesses That Received An Extension

How to file for a tax extension

The filing extension provides an extension to file the 2020 Arizona corporate returns. The extension due date for calendar year corporate Arizona returns is due October 15, 2021.

The federal calendar year corporate returns are due October 15, 2021.

Corporate income tax payments can also be made on, but registration is required.

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Reasons For Filing For An Extension On Your Federal Taxes


The IRS grants you an automatic extension to file your taxes every year, as long as you complete Form 4868.

For information on the third coronavirus relief package, please visit our American Rescue Plan: What Does it Mean for You and a Third Stimulus Check blog post.

Traditionally, federal tax returns are due on April 15 or the first business day thereafter. However, the IRS does grant you an automatic extension to file your taxes every year, as long as you complete Form 4868. Common reasons for requesting an extension include a lack of organization, unanticipated events or tax planning purposes. Even if you obtain an extension to file, you must still pay your income tax in full by the tax deadline.

C Corporation Tax Returns Due

Today is the deadline to file C corporation tax returns . C corporations in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana have until June 15 to submit their tax returns.

April 15 is also the deadline to file for an extension to file your corporate tax return.


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Where Do I Send My Taxes

If you file online, there’s nothing to print out or mail, but we recommend you save an electronic copy for your records regardless. This could be especially useful if a third stimulus check is approved, since for the first two rounds of checks, your eligibility was based on your tax returns.

Otherwise, you’ll need to mail your return to the IRS. The specific mailing address depends on which tax form you use and which state you live in. The IRS has published a list of where to file paper tax returns this year here. Be warned, however: The IRS says that due to staffing issues, processing paper returns could take several weeks longer this year.

Which States Are Covered By The Winter Storm Tax Extension And Who Will Qualify For The Extension

Down to the Wire: Should You File For a Tax Extension?

If you live in any of the 254 counties in the state of Texas, you are automatically covered by the 60-day extension to file your federal income tax return for 2020. In addition, residents outside of Texas but who live in areas covered by disaster declarations issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency will also receive the same automatic extension, providing tax filing and payment relief.

Taxpayers who live in an area that has not received a FEMA disaster declaration but whose tax records are located in such an area can contact the IRS to request case-specific relief.

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Extended State Tax Returns

For some people, a federal tax return is not the only return due on October 15, 2021. Assuming you don’t live in a state that has no income tax, chances are good that you’ll need to file a state income tax return by October 15 if you asked for and received an extension from your state .

Many states have moved their state tax return deadlines to mirror federal tax return due dates. Therefore, since October 15 is the due date for extended federal tax returns, it’s also the due date for many state tax returns that have been extended. However, to be sure, it’s smart to check with the state tax agency where you live so that you know and understand the deadlines for things like extensions, estimated payments, and returns for other types of taxes.

Will My Gst/hst Return Be Processed If I File It Electronically

GST/HST returns that are filed electronically will be processed. Delays in processing may continue to occur as operations continue to resume.

To check on the status of your GST/HST return, please log in to My Business Account where there are many self-service options such as viewing expected and filed returns, viewing the notice of assessment and signing up for direct deposit. For more information, go to My Business Account.

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How To File Your Taxes In 2021

There are so many ways to go about filing your taxes in 2020, depending on your circumstances or preferences. Some of the options available include:

Online Tax Software: There are many brands of tax software you can use for filing your taxes. Depending on the level of support you need, you can choose the free or paid versions.

Examples of tax software in Canada include TurboTax Online, WealthsimpleTax, H& R Block Tax, Studio Tax, GenuTax, AdvTax, uFile, and CloudTax.

We have reviewed some of these options and you can learn more about what they offer using the links below:

Tax software simplifies the filing process since you can connect to an existing CRA My Account and use the auto-fill my return feature to automatically populate a good portion of your information. This automated process also helps to reduce the likelihood of errors occurring.

Using an online software means that you can send your tax return directly to CRA through NETFILE, and get your refund back in as little as 8 business days. Additionally, you will have your tax information for previous years stored online and easily accessible for reference in the future.

Paper Return via Mail: Some people prefer to do their taxes the old-fashioned way. In some years, the CRA mails out tax forms to paper filers to hasten the process. If you prefer to file a paper return and did not receive them in the mail, you can order a paper copy or starting on January 18, 2021.

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